Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Currently... Emmett at 9 Months

Today I'm going to devote the currently link up to Emmett, who's nine months already. Nine months! Can you believe that?!

This chunky little nine month old is growing up too fast. Yesterday he had his nine month check up and clocked in at a whopping 20 pounds (his big brother only has six pounds on him!). Another important stat to know is that his head measures in the 98th percentile(!)! Must be all the brain food he's eating.

Emmett loves fish. And he loves pears. And he loves any food that is comically oversized for his baby-ness. I've never been able to convince him to try a puree - he flinches at the approach of a spoon as though I'm trying to poke him in the eye. So he's been a baby-led-weaning baby since day one, because he'll have it no other way.

And it isn't just food that isn't necessarily baby appropriate that he's into. Emmett loves grown-up drinks too. I love the part when babies start wanting to drink out of your glass, and Emmett's right in the middle of it, grabbing my glass whenever it chances by to try drinking some water, choking on it and then sticking his grubby hands in the drink. Repeat.

Like his brother before him, Emmett is also really starting to get into listening to and appreciating music. He'll dance to almost anything we put on, but his favorite song right now is me practicing my guitar, strumming between G and E minor over and over.. he's my biggest fan! At least once a day Oliver and Emmett and I sit down for a Family Band session. I pick up my guitar, Oliver grabs his, and Emmett rocks the Fisher Price piano and the drums. If I manage to capture his dancing and playing on video you will be extremely delighted. Trust me.

Although I do think both my kids are definitely super geniuses, I'm not going to go so far as to claim that Emmett is reading, even though that is one of the assigned words for this week. But Emmett does love a good book. He loves to chew it and open and close it and scream at it. And that's pretty much one of the building blocks towards reading, right?

And finally, I don't presume to know what Emmett is thinking about, but whatever it is, I am sure that it is deep and challenging.. because as you can see in those pictures up there, that little man has his tongue out at all times. If that doesn't help you think, what does? Right?



  1. He is so cute! My little guy is 7 months!

    New follower from the link up, hope you will follow back!

    Life Revolves Around Them

  2. Wow - cannot believe he is 9 months already!

    Your boys are so musical! It's awesome. I can't wait to see a video :)

  3. OMG look at those cheeks! What a honey. My little man was BLW too and we have never regretted it! He is an amazingly adventurous eater.


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