Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Peekaboo Genius

Over coffee the other day, I remarked to my girlfriend that,as is the cliche, it has been the case for me that with my first child I worried all the time and about everything - he set the schedule, he was attachment parented, he was fed nothing but the best organic, in-season foods I could prepare.. and with my second, I worry about 200% less.

He fits into the schedule we've got going, he's parented because I'm his parent.. no label, and he eats whatever we're eating, and I often don't really stop to think about what exactly it is. I feel guilty sometimes about this difference. I know it is sort of acknowledged by all parents of more than one, but I still worry that somehow he'll know that I didn't spend as much time fretting over his infancy as I did for his brother. And that maybe that could be interpreted as a difference of feelings, rather than experience.

And just as we were talking about this, Emmett who was nursing, got a hold of the scarf I was wearing, and pulled it over his eyes, then pulled it back quickly, starting to laugh. And he did it again. Peekaboo!

I felt a rush of pride and excitement. Emmett had learned to play peekaboo! Surely he is the most clever and happy eight month old in the world! The first to discover this game! An unrivaled genius!

And my fears were put to rest. Although it might be true that when it comes to your second, the little details like what to feed them and what label to assign to their care tend to fall by the wayside, it is certain that the delight and discovery of love in a new little being is just as real and new as it was the first time around.

But also, Emmett's a genius. 

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  1. Really enjoying your blog and glad to see you writing more!


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