Thursday, February 28, 2013

The first theme for today's link up is visiting. And man do we ever have contributions on that one. This past week we've lived as though we're on vacation in Toronto. We've visited the Science Centre, the Royal Ontario Museum and the Toronto Zoo - all in a span of only four days! There was no "stay-cation" intention behind the whirlwind tour of city attractions, it just sort of happened. And I'm glad it did, because we had a blast - and avoided the miserable cabin fever these gray February days tend to bring on. In fact, the ROM and the Zoo visit were completely spontaneous - a difficult feat with two little boys to haul around, but my desire to get out of the house proved greater than the challenge of wrangling them into clothes (however temporarily)...

Although it was completely an accident that we visited three different attractions in such rapid succession, if I'm being honest, they were sort of part of a plan I've been working on. I've been thinking that maybe Oliver and I would both be a little more happy at home if we had a bit of focus for our weeks. Sometimes what seems like fun, carefree, free play in our jammies til one p.m. can turn out to be mad, desperate boredom that rapidly descends into tantrums and time outs. I'd decided last week that I want to run a slightly tighter ship - trying to structure each week to include a "field trip" of some sort, a craft, an experiment, and a cooking/baking session. It just so happens we covered all of the field trips in a matter of days, so I'd better get to work on coming up with the rest of those activities ;)

And speaking of structure, now that Ollie is three I'm just gearing up to get to work creating a chore chart for him. And an allowance system. But not necessarily related to one another because I'm not sure how I feel about compensating kids for chores. What do you think?

One chore that I'm almost always able to count on Ollie to take care of is keeping his brother entertained when I'm not available. Oliver is so good about his big brother role (most of the time), and Emmett is just loving everything that Ollie does. I was observing to Chris that when Oliver was Emmett's age, I was totally the centre of his universe. With Emmett, I'm still important but Oliver's the star. If Oliver's in the room, Emmett's gaze is focused on him - just delighting in the crazy performance that is Ollie's world.

And while we're all three wrapped up in our own little universe of day trips and peekaboo and brotherly love, I have to admit that I am so desperately missing having any semblance of an orderly life. Sleep-wise we are still in survival mode (up every two hours, no naps for either boy) and I feel like I'm a zombie who's drowning in a pile of laundry and dishes and toys. I know these are just the normal complaints of every mum, everywhere but I feel like I think I've hit my limit at least three times a day. I keep telling myself "once Emmett starts napping things will feel under control" or "once we spend a weekend at home getting organized things will feel under control" but those things don't seem like they're anywhere close on the horizon, rather more chaos is looming - I'm supposed to be back to work in two months...

So while I feel like I'm missing the boat on being one of those mums who has a tidy home and kids on a good napping schedule I'm trying to focus on not missing out on the joy that goes hand in hand with all this madness, because it can't actually last forever right?



  1. *high five* for taking the boys on three awesome adventures. I'm not sure I would even attempt it - and that's just with Kale.

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