Thursday, February 21, 2013


Finally linking up with Harvesting Kale and OT&ET once again! .. Must be because I'm taking a little more time for myself.

And I do mean taking. These boys are fighting me for every minute - no sleep, no quiet time, no breaks! But in the few moments I can steal, it's yoga, blogging and reading. Gotta keep my head on straight somehow.

And even though both boys are always demanding my time and attention, I don't mind giving it to them, because they are just so loveable - individually and as a pair. Oliver's really been getting great at trying to help me to give Emmett attention and love when he needs it. When Emmett fusses and I can't get to him, 9 times out of 10 by the time I reach Emmet, he's laughing happily at the song Oliver is singing, or playing with the toy he gave to him. (OK, maybe more like 6 out of 10 - but that's still pretty good).

There must be something about eight months, I remember it with Oliver too, it seems like a really frustrating time in the life of a baby. They're learning so much about what they want, but also struggling to really be able to do anything. My boys aren't early crawlers or talkers, but they have both been quick to develop really clear needs and ideas about their needs.

Emmett has been a little fussier than normal lately, even now that he's feeling better, and I think it can be attributed to his inability to communicate. He's constantly giving me these desperate looks while meaningfully shouting "Mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm". I don't flatter myself that he's trying to say "mum" just yet, but he's definitely trying to say something, so I've been trying to teach him some sign language.

I believe that baby signing experts say you can teach babies as early as six months. I think it's a long shot to have success with that so young, at least in my house where I can't consistently get a word in edge-wise let alone use sign language while I do. Ollie didn't pick up any signs until he was 18 months, but that's because I wasn't trying to teach him - his new nanny at that time did, and he got it down within a matter of weeks.

When I remember, I do the sign for "mum" "milk" "more" and "all done", hoping maybe a few easy expressions might alleviate some of Emmett's frustration, but so far he just looks at me like I've totally disappointed him. "That isn't what I'm trying to say at all, mum".

What I should be teaching him to say is "cannon ball". Oliver got a whole bunch of knight and pirate Playmobil for his birthday - the perfect toys to engage his imagination, keep him busy for hours, and distract him from hockey.. but the pieces are TINY! They're supposed to stay in his room, but they seem to make their way out the door and down the stairs over the course of each day and I'm just crossing my fingers that it is always me who finds them where they shouldn't be (by stepping on them, usually), and not Emmett.

Oliver is always looking for some piece of pirate treasure, or old-fashioned weapon, or knight's armor and I'm hoping he's the only one doing the finding. When I baby proofed the house for Oliver, I never considered the added dangers a house holds for a second child who's brother loves tiny toys. How do you baby-proof a three year old?!

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  1. I totally get the baby-proofing - I have an 8 month old and a two-year-old, though my eldest is pretty good at keeping things out of reach! A dozen times a day. Hear him say "TA! TA! Dats too small for you!" Hilarious!

  2. I'm so happy you linked up this week! I love reading how the boys are doing and miss all three of you. I can't believe Emmett is 8 months already.

    I'm always eyeing the playmobil stuff at the toy store, but the tiny pieces scare me too. Not because I'm afraid someone is going to choke, but because I'm afraid they will spread themselves around my house and drive me crazy. I never even thought of how challenging baby proofing would be with a three year old!!


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