Monday, September 10, 2012

This is a day...

I've tried to make up for my delinquent blogging with some Instagram documentation (username: downtowntrayn) of just what it is that's keeping me away from the computer these days.. So here's a day, from start to (almost) finish.

First row, from left:

  1. Ollie's been joining us in our bed around 1 a.m. every night, and Emmett's already bunking in full time, so when I open my eyes in the morning, these two are there to say hello. 
  2. Chris leaves for work at 7 a.m., so I pretty much get out of bed as he heads out the door. Accordingly, this is my view when I head to the bathroom first thing.
  3. I'm bribing Oliver to stop nursing with chocolate milk. He enjoys it naked, first thing in the morning. This is just good parenting. 
  4. Every day I rediscover the wonder that is coffee. Seriously.. do you KNOW how good it can make you feel? Echinachea on the side because I constantly feel like I am getting a cold. 
  5. Ollie gets one show a day, during breakfast. Lately it is Bob the Builder. I hate that little dude. 
Second row
  1. While Oliver watches his show, Emmett and I get dressed. I hate that I have to shower at night, but there's no way in hell I'm getting up earlier than I have to to shower without my boys awake. Whoever came up with putting cute animals on baby bums is a genius.
  2. Oliver comes upstairs to get dressed. Somehow he remains naked for an hour, but dons rubber boots for a horse ride.
  3. Playdough!
  4. Puzzle! .. .It's a rainy day, usually we'd be heading out somewhere good.
  5. Instead, we go for a walk in the rain. It is pretty hard to stay under one roof all day long with a high energy guy like Oliver. He's pretty pumped about carrying an umbrella and the torrential downfall that hits halfway through. Emmett could take it or leave it.
Third Row
  1. Our walk included a wet accident, so we come in and head straight to the tub. I take that as my chance to clean the bathroom - my chore for the day (yeah, I have a schedule and clean one room a day).
  2. Emmett does a bit of the dreaded tummy time.
  3. Lunch! In our underwear, of course. 
  4. We're pretty into mega blocks right now. We build cranes. 
  5. Naptime is a challenge. We all bed down in my room, and lately Ollie passes out in my bed, while Emmett fusses and fights till I take him downstairs. In this photo, I'm actually just using my camera to check whether or not he is asleep yet. 
Fourth Row
  1. Swaddled in his bouncy chair! Coffee time for me.
  2. And then a phone meeting. A risky gamble....
  3. That doesn't pay off. Emmett's awake the minute others join me on the conference call line. He stays quiet though, good little guy.
  4. Ollie wakes up and we're back to cranes.
  5. And rolling practice!
Fifth Row
  1. Afternoon snack (air popped popcorn) and stories. Lately it is The Cat in the Hat. So often that Oliver has the first four pages memorized. 
  2. 5pm and Daddy is home! He and the boys head out for a walk and I get in twenty minutes of yoga. 
  3. Lazy dinner tonight - squash soup with soprassata and goat cheese sandwiches. On homemade bread though!
  4. Chris is in charge of Ollie's bedtime while I put Emmett down. I have the better deal, this guy goes to bed like a dream - snoozing by 8 and down til 4! 
  5. With everyone tucked in, I'm back in front of the computer to finish up a little work before bed, where I'll hope to get a few hours of sleep before I get a toddler toe in the face. 

1 comment:

  1. I'm not surprised that Kale and Ollie have similar days. Particularly when it comes to the amount of time they both seem to spend naked (or with only rubber boots on). Kale's also super into the Cat in the Hat right now, which I cannot STAND. I try to skip parts but, yeah, he's got it memorized too.

    Emmett seems like such a laid back little man. Sleeping from 8 to 4? Amazing!


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