Sunday, September 30, 2012

Emmet: Four Months!

This picture is actually a few weeks old, but I'm just slightly behind on my photo uploading (and to be honest, taking.. I hate to say it, but I know why there are fewer photos of second children, and it has nothing to do with how much you love them). But anyway, Emmett looks just like this, and it pretty accurately represents things he's into - laughing, sticking his tongue out and hanging out outside.

Stats: 14 lbs, and 23 and a half inches long. Emmett is chunky, chunky, chunky, with adorable rolls at every turn and a barrel chest that he's really into sticking out like a proud little peacock. 

Skills: Rolling to his side (left side preferred), thumb and/or finger sucking, full fledged giggling and sweet, insistent babbling conversation.

Likes/Dislikes: Happily for me, Emmett likes nighttime sleep - he only wakes up once a night most nights and that's for a quick snack, then right back to sleep. Less happily, he isn't so crazy about daytime sleep - rarely napping longer than 15 minutes and usually needing to be worn to get even that much. But I'll take it. I know what all night sleep deprivation feels like, and it's bad news... so stay up all day little Emmett, because I'm loving what you're doing at night!

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  1. He looks SO MUCH like Ollie in this picture!! I can't believe he's already four months. Amazing. So happy to hear that he's a good nighttime sleeper. Think he has any tips to give to Kale??


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