Thursday, September 13, 2012


I am...

Wishing for just a little bit of "me" time. I know, I know.. I'm a mum of two, this is the job - it is 24/7 and everyone does it and our mums did it better than us. But the last week or two Emmett has been sleeping less, Oliver has been teething and feverish and Chris has had a lot of out-of-the-house activities. I'm just a little desperate for a solid hour to myself. For yoga or running or showering alone, or to just sit silently and stare at the wall.

Reading tiny tiny portions of many many things. I have two library books on my Kobo and one actual, physical book (a parenting book, gag). But I also bought a copy of InStyle for our cottage trip this week and managed to get through almost one article and three ads. Basically if I get any of that alone time I'm wishing for, I'll have a pretty substantial reading list.

Eating like crap and trying to do better. Much like my reading list, my food wish list includes removing sugar and chips. But honestly I need to eat like a bear right now and although I'd love to prepare and enjoy beautiful, healthy snacks, it is much easier to grab garbage from wherever we happen to be and mindlessly devour it.

Missing my thick, full pregnancy hair. I mean, I still have hair to spare.. but just this week I started losing clumps in the shower. So long, dreams of growing my hair out.

Oliver and Emmett are...

Wishing I think for food. Emmett, that is. He's already started jealously eyeing the junk food I scarf while nursing him, and he often stops drinking and stares at every bite, gums grinding and eyes wide.

Reading the newspaper. We have a trial of the Toronto Star (because I'm a sucker at the door), and Ollie is the first to grab the sports section and search for pictures of hockey guys.

Eating not very much.. Oliver is on and off on food, like all toddlers. This week is an off week.

Missing the snow. Seriously. Around the dinner table the other day, Chris said to Oliver "So what was your favorite memory this summer?" and Oliver cheerfully responded "Playing in the snow!" Since then, winter, snow, skating, skiing and tobogganing is all he talks about. Let's hope we're in for a white winter.


  1. i love reading your currently posts... i feel like it's a glimpse into what's to come for me.
    here's hoping that next week will be better for you. how was the cottage trip with the boys?
    idea: maybe you should start feeding Emmett pasta... it works wonders on getting Seba to sleep. age doesn't really matter does it?! ;)

    1. The cottage trip was fun.. but also crazy! Three boys are a lot of boys..

      Maybe I will try the pasta trick.. I think you can really relax all the rules with your second, right?

  2. Oh man, post-pregnancy hair loss is the WORST. I was totally blown away by how much I lost. Like you, I have lots, so it wasn't too bad - but it did present an issue for our drain and I got sooooo sick of finding my hair everywhere. Ugh, it was gross.

    Sounds like things are going well with the boys. I hope you get some time for yourself this weekend. You deserve it!!


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