Thursday, August 16, 2012


Currently I am...

Happy about summer. Which probably seems obvious except that I am usually not a fan of summer at. all. But this year has been great - getting to know Emmett, Chris being home, watching Ollie run wild learning to swim and bike.. I'm actually going to savor these last couple of weeks, instead of wishing them away (although I am still looking forward to a nice chill in the air!)

Searching for a daycare for Oliver. Being home on mat leave I obviously don't need daycare for him, but to ensure social time with kids his age and my sanity, as well as to get some alone time with little Emmett, I think it is a good idea. 

When I needed daycare when Ollie was considered a "toddler"everything around us had a seven year waiting list. Now that Oliver is a "preschooler", thanks to all day kindergarten literally every daycare I have called has wide open availability.. meaning I can pick the number of days and the days of the week I want for him. So now I'm faced with too many options - we've been to four daycares this week and we've got two more tours lined up. By the end of the week I'm hoping that we've found a good "school" that Ollie's excited to go to and I'm excited to send him to. 

Making green smoothies. Me and everyone else on the internet. They're for Oliver. I suddenly got freaked out that maybe he isn't getting enough green vitamins (technical name), and started inserting one smoothie a day. We say they're made out of dragon juice.

Feeling less stressed about being home alone with both boys in September. Chris has gone to his cottage a few times for 24 hour trips without me and they haven't been disasters. Even bed time. Even the all night wakings. Even mornings at 5 a.m.

Going to my in laws' cottage for all of next week with just our little family (and some friends for a few days). Just me and the boys by the lake for a whole week! I've got a lot of plans for reading, yoga and swimming. I'm also planning to test out wearing a bikini again - while the only people who will see me are those who created the mess I'm usually hiding with a one piece.


Oliver is happy about being allowed to skip the dreaded n-a-p. Oliver is so hard to put down to sleep at night and wakes up CRAZY early (quarter to five anyone?). Less than eight hours of sleep isn't ideal for a toddler and is definitely a nightmare for mama, but nothing has worked to get him to sleep better. Nothing except letting him skip his naps. He's a little crankier in the evenings this way, and I sure miss the afternoon break.. but having some time to ourselves at night is awfully nice for Chris and I. 

Emmett is searching for his hands. This guy is totally focused on putting his fingers together, putting them in front of his face and putting them in his mouth. 

Emmett is making so many sounds. He's really into talking back and forth, cooing and squealing and just generally being adorably chatty. I'm trying to remember to take video as much as I can, but you know how it is with second children ;)

Oliver is feeling a little conflicted about potty training. One week he's got it down, the next he's like, afraid of the toilet. Like all the other insane seeming stuff that kids do, I understand that this fits into the "normal" behavior category. 

Oliver is going crazy, like Kale. Kids are bananas, truly.

That's us this week... What are you up to?

Harvesting Kale


  1. I totally feel you about the whole potty training thing. One day Mason goes in the toilet 99% of the day and the next day, it's like he has no idea what I'm even talking about and doesn't set foot within 10 feet of the bathroom. So weird!

  2. Kale has never been a good sleeper and we've always had to work hard to stretch it to 10 hours. I've thought about shortening the 2 hour nap he takes in the afternoon, but it never ends well. I'm pretty sure Kale is going to nap until he's 14.

    I'm glad that you've got lots of options for Ollie for school. I'm sure you'll find the right fit.

    Have a great time at the cottage next week!!


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