Thursday, August 9, 2012

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Once again, I'm participating in Harvesting Kale & This Amazing Day's "Currently" link up. Check out others who are joining in (after you read what I've been up to, obvs)

Currently I am...

Wishing we were totally done with potty training. My blog's name perfectly sums up how this has been going, as we've been working towards potty training for about six months now. We're basically there at this point, with Ollie in underwear 90% of the time, and asking to use the toilet with few accidents.

Now, I know that I am supposed to call it potty "learning", because you train a dog but teach a child, but I'm not going to lie.. I'm training Oliver, and the method I'm using is straight up bribery. He's known what to do for a long time, but the motivation just wasn't there, so now when he uses the potty, he gets a Smartie. Call CAS. But really, if the worst case scenario is that he needs a Smartie every time he goes to the bathroom for the rest of his life is that such a big deal? 

Reading a lot of unread emails. I haven't really even glanced at my work email account since Emmett was born, but I'm starting to think about all the ends I left untied and digging into my inbox. Yikes!

Cooking less and less meat. I am the worst on and off vegetarian, and I tend to be "off" when I'm pregnant and ruled by cravings. But once I've got a tiny little baby in my arms I start thinking about animal mamas and babies, and chemicals and blah blah.. long story short, Chris is starting to get suspicious about my menu planning these days. 

Anticipating the coming of fall. I seriously, seriously hate summer and this summer has been especially brutal. But a few days ago I woke up not to the stifling heat I've been cursing for months, but to a very slight breeze that whispered "fall"... and now that I've had a taste, it can't come fast enough. 

Missing the way my body felt this time last year. Before I got pregnant with Emmett, and for the first couple of months of my pregnancy I was probably in the best shape I've ever been in - training for a half marathon and practicing yoga reasonably regularly. Flash forward to today and my body is aching from the rigors of a 2 km slow jog, the contortions of sleeping with a newborn while nursing and the demands of carrying around a squirming 2.5 year old. I just can't wait to feel good in my body again, but I think I've got a long way to go.

Oliver is.. Wishing that we were swimming all the time. This boy is a real water baby, and I am so glad.. swimming is my favorite too!

Emmett is.. Reading some of Ollie's board books. Well, OK, I'm reading them to him, but he's responding with gurgles and coos and flailing arms, so I'm thinking he'll be a bookworm, like his brother and mother before him.

Oliver is.. still cooking in his play kitchen all the time. He's always bringing guests eggs and coffee, sincerely offering up cream and pepper to compliment his creations.

Emmett is.. Anticipating a move to his own room. Maybe. Well I don't know. His room isn't decorated or even organized, but he sleeps so well it seems silly to keep him in with us. But I also can't really stand the idea of him being on another floor (he's one level up), and part of me thinks I might just keep him in with us til he's big enough to go in with his brother. Is that crazy?

Oliver is .. Missing having my undivided attention. He's pretty loving and wonderful with his baby brother (see: yesterday's picture), but he also gets pouty, clingy and grouchy about having to share his mum and dad. I'm trying to make sure that I do at least a few outings with just he and I each week, and in some ways I think I might be able to give him more attention once summer is over and Chris is back at work, because instead of letting Chris take him out alone, I'll be heading everywhere with both boys. That makes sense, right?

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  1. This update is so great. I've been missing you guys! I don't think there is anything wrong with bribery. My neighbour gave her son the Sears Christmas Wish Book catalogue and told him to pick something out and when he used the potty, they'd go buy it. She said it was an expensive strategy, but he was going on four and she was desperate!


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