Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Mean kids

There are a lot of things you can't prepare for as a parent, and the feeling that you get when someone else's kid is anything but kind to your own is one of them. If someone had told me three years ago that a kid on the playground would provoke me to want to grab him by his grubby little polo collar and call him every curse word I know I would have hoped that they were joking.

Truthfully I'm actually not a real big fan of other people's kids (like strangers kids.. your kids are delightful) but I can put up with yelling, whining, screaming, crying and the whole range of obnoxious behavior that all kids are prone to (even my own).

However, when some little brats on the playground start calling my son names, it is pretty hard to resist the urge to return fire. Especially when Oliver heartbreakingly recounts in the car "My friends were mean. My friend called me chicken."

I sought more level headed council from my husband, who deals with other people's little sh*ts for a living. He said, and I agree, that the best we can do is teach Oliver first that that isn't how we treat people, no matter how they treat us. And that what they are saying isn't true and we know that in our hearts. And that we can just walk away when someone is mean.

Then he added "And then when Ollie walks away, I'll go back and tell them that there is no Santa. They deserve it."


  1. you know what is worse? when your kids are the mean ones. it breaks your heart.

    1. I didn't think of that angle but I am sure I'll eventually be made to consider it - I think probably all our kids can be both sides of the social hierarchy coin. It is so hard to accept that these perfect little beings we start out with are going to go out into the world and become people with all of the flaws and brilliance that everyone else has, no matter what we think we are doing right or wrong.

  2. There's no rule about Uncle's and Uncle's girlfriend returning fire though, right? But seriously, Ollie is the perfect little dude and we'll all keep reminding him of that <3

  3. Ugh, I can't even imagine. I worry about this constantly and try and come up with acceptable ways for me to just HIDE him somewhere so he never has to deal with someone mean. But like the person above, I also worry about Kale being mean to another kid. I don't know which would hurt me more.


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