Thursday, July 19, 2012


Currently I am..

Cooking tangy and sweet rhubarb muffins (I suppose this is technically baking). I have rhubarb growing in my garden and a friend with a new baby, so it just made sense.

Making an effort to go to bed at a reasonable time, knowing that Emmett will be up all night. But failing and watching Breaking Bad on Netflix every night instead.

Working on finding more time for yoga/meditation/exercise.. anything that would be good for me while I spend most of my time taking care of my boys.

Reading Middlesex, after waiting for it FOREVER from the Toronto Public Library's e-book program, and then losing it because of an expired library card and then having to wait for it all over again.

Listening to the sound of silence, whenever I get the chance. Honestly I have no interest in music or radio or any unnecessary sounds right now. It is lame, I know. But if I can get it, I just want quiet.

Emmett and Ollie are..

Cooking muffins with me, pizza with Daddy .. Oliver is loving to help with the cooking these days. His specialty remains in the area of "crack a egg". Emmett's been spending some time in the kitchen with me too, but mostly he just sleeps in his sling.

Making a tee pee. After viewing tons of tee pee projects online and then hearing from my parents that the tee pee at the ROM was Oliver's favorite part of a recent visit to check out the dinosaurs I decided to go ahead and make one for us too. On the hottest day this week instead of playing outside, Oliver and I set up camp in the living room working away at creating his very own "tent". It turned out great, but now I'm not exactly sure where to keep it! Emmett is mostly still working on making diapers.

Working on learning to suck his thumb. Emmett that is. He is constantly stuffing his whole fist in his mouth and desperately trying to get some satisfaction/find a digit. Oliver never managed to master this - despite my constant efforts to teach him and thereby avoid the bink.. but maybe Emmett will get it.

Reading The Giving Tree. And can I just say, as beautiful as it is, it is in the same class of books as "I'll Love You Forever". Why subject parents to something so heartbreaking?! WHY!?

Listening to Somebody That I Used to Know FOREVER!!

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  1. Haha Oliver singing Somebody That I Used To Know, is the cutest! I have a video for proof :)

  2. Why can I not get into Breaking Bad? EVERYONE is talking about how amazing this show is and I just CANNOT get into it. It's like Dexter all over again.

    1. I actually hated it until Season 2 .. I only watched the first couple episodes (up to the body in the bathtub scene which was just too disgusting to me), and then Chris kept watching while I was hanging around and it won me over eventually. I'm still not 100% sold, but I am into it..

  3. Oh man, I'm with you on the quiet thing. Whenever I get some time to myself I just like to sit in silence. And Middlesex is SO GOOD. One of my favorites.


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