Thursday, July 5, 2012


Let's pretend I didn't miss last week's Currently link up. I honestly kind of forgot that Thursday happened last week. Time is sort of blurring together right now!

But I'm lucid enough for this week, so let's go!

Currently I am...

Inspired by Randalin's beautiful looking blog. I have been itching for a redesign for a while now. I really enjoy blogging, but it is the writing aspect that appeals to me, and it seems that the design and promotion part is the part that really counts when it comes to getting your writing read. So I'm plugging away at fixing this place up and making it look appealing. I'd love comments, suggestions, or criticism!

Devouring - can drinking be the same as devouring? Because I just fought Oliver to sleep for the last 1.5 hours and now I'm "devouring" a rhubarb and sparkling wine cocktail. He's not yet asleep btw, I just tagged Chris in.

Thankful for universal healthcare. Heavy, right? I wanted to post about this on Canada Day but got caught up in being too tired to do anything.

At a dinner party with my parents friends last weekend we were reflecting on what it must have cost to get Emmett healthy and home with us, and how devastating it would be to have to sit in the hospital not only worrying about your newborn's breathing but also worrying about selling your home or declaring bankruptcy in order to care for your child.

Watching Emmett learn to smile. His smiles are rare, but huge, wide-mouthed, scrunched up eye smiles.

Starting to wonder if I will ever feel like participating in the rest of the world again. I tend to prefer alone time to social time anyway, but with two boys any precious minutes that they're content without me, I tend to want to take for myself. Will that change?

Please excuse the hummus face, and check out the big boy 'do!
Currently Oliver is...

Inspired by the movie The Art of Flight. Everything in our house is something to jump a snowboard off of. Every flat object is a snowboard.

Devouring popcorn. I got an air popper and I am not ashamed to admit, some nights the only thing Ollie will eat for dinner is a bowl of popcorn.

Thankful for most things. We've been working on manners with Oliver all the time, since he started talking, and now it is really paying off. I can't believe how proud I feel when he automatically says "thank you" after receiving something, without any prompting.

Watching The Cat in the Hat Knows A Lot About That. I freaking HATE this show, but I can't get him off of it. Is there a way to hide shows in the Netflix menu? How many times does any kid need to learn about how ants work together?!

Starting to really play with other kids on his own. Our four year old neighbour girl and Ollie are always calling on eachother, playing in the backyard or the playroom basements (somewhat) unsupervised at each of our houses.

Working on the chins...

Currently Emmett is...

Inspired by babies who sleep through the night. Ha ha.. I wish.

Devouring milk. This guy is a growing machine. Born at 6lbs7ozs, he's up to 9lbs14ozs at the five week mark!!

Thankful for.. I'm going to go ahead and guess he's thankful for universal healthcare too.

Watching his brother. Oliver likes to lie down next to Emmett with their faces practically touching, and this closeness usually provokes one of the coveted Emmett smiles.

Starting to be more alert, awake and have I mentioned.. smiley! Of course, I haven't caught a picture of that yet, so you'll have to take my word for it.

That's our family this week.. check out other bloggers by clicking on the box below...
Harvesting Kale


  1. I love the new design! Sweet and simple. And nice colours! And so glad you posted for this week's link-up (is it sad that I noticed--and was saddened by--your absence last week?) I'm totally not ready to take the plunge on baby number two, but reading your posts and imagining those two little monkeys together is rather convincing. (And seriously, thank god--er, Canada--for universal healthcare.)

    I've had a migraine since Tuesday and given that I have a paper due and have been staring at a computer screen all week (with sunglasses on to minimize the pain), I doubt I'll get to my 'currently' post. Maybe tomorrow. For now, bed!

    1. I hope your head is better by now (but I kind of think it isn't, based on instagram). I love that you noticed I didn't post - someone in the universe cares!!

  2. I was so excited when I came to your page and saw the new design! I love it!! I wonder if bolding the text for Emmett's Birth, Ollie's Birth and I believe might make them pop a bit more? All three of those posts are amazing and I don't want others to miss them when they come to your site. Or what about putting them in a single list under the little "about you" blurb under the photo?

    I love to hear that Ollie is starting to play with other kids on his own. We've seen signs of it with Kale, but for whatever reason he tends to prefer older kids and adults than kids his own age.

    I pretty much never feel like hanging out with the rest of the world. Unless it involves you, Michelle, Lisa and our littles. Hang out soon?

    1. Good tip on the links - next time I have a few minutes I'll make them bigger! And I think I could muster up the social energy for a visit... Any trips to the city planned?


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