Monday, June 25, 2012

Two against one: 1 week down...

Double decker babies!

Even though Emmett is almost a month old, last week was my first week of solo daytime parenting two little boys. On Friday I was all set to write a super positive recap, and then that afternoon the disaster I was expecting all week finally struck.

Long story short: naptime wasn't happening, and instead we watched Lion King (because I can't handle what will happen if we try and interact through a sleepless afternoon), and a toy was been taken away until someone can show that he is big enough for "big boy toys". I feel like I'm really starting to sound like a mum (specifically my mum).

Besides that little snafu though, things have been easier than I expected (I know, I'm tempting fate by mentioning it at all).

It's been like this:
  • We've managed to get out of the house every day. To our local play centres where Ollie can try out all new toys with all new kids, and I can sit back and watch, if he isn't feeling too clingy. 
  • I was afraid to take both boys to the park on my own, because the one that can walk is a bit of a bolter these days. Today I tackled that challenge and it was almost a success, minus the part where he took off, tore up the big, dangerous play structure that I have seen kids fall off many, many times, and refused to come down as I tried to figure out if I could in fact climb the damn thing while holding Emmett. It took about ten minutes of begging and pleading and threatening before a sympathetic mum stepped in and brought Ollie down. 
  • Ollie does pretty well with a "helper" role. He's super enthusiastic about helping me with anything diaper related, but also pretty good with cleaning up toys, bringing me blankets or looking for things I have misplaced. 
  • But I've also done a lot more bribing than I ever have before. Getting into the stroller without a fuss = chocolate chippies, going up the stairs when I ask him to = chocolate chippies. Basically chocolate chippies make the world go around.
  • I've found some kind of ridiculous work-arounds. Like if we're going out and I have to pee, instead of juggling both boys up our steep stairs to the bathroom, I bribe Ollie into the stroller and take any route to wherever we're going that passes a public library because they are a) always stroller accessible, and b) always have bathrooms that are open to the public and big enough to bring a stroller into. And lucky for me, there is one within three blogs of any direction we might be heading. 

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  1. "Basically chocolate chippies make the world go around."

    Amazing! Hahaha. You sound like you're doing great :)


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