Thursday, June 21, 2012

Currently Link Up v.4.

Currently I am.. 

Making milk. Is that gross to say? I forgot how intense breast milk production is. I seriously could eat all of the food.. all of it.  

Listening to The Essential Michael Jackson, with heavy emphasis on the Jackson 5 era (and dancing wildly). Because Oliver likes it.... yeah... because Oliver likes it ;)

Craving hot chocolate. You know, because it is so freaking cold outside.

Writing... not enough. I still haven't finished my "thank you" letter for the nurses and docs at Mt. Sinai.

Laughing at Oliver's reaction to his favorite thing about Emmett - big poops! I know... poop humor is only funny to mums, and even then it is still pretty gross, but the way Ollie's face lights up when Emmett fills his diaper just wrecks me every time!

Currently Oliver is

Making pancakes with mummy. Now that we're sort of back into our old routine, we've gone back to our puffed pancake mornings. When Chris leaves for work, Ollie and I whip up some pancakes, watch half of Sesame Street while they cook, and scarf them during the second half with maple syrup and strawberries.

Listening to Somebody That I Used to Know. It might not be number one on the charts anymore, but it remains number one for Oliver. No one in this house is as happy about that as he is. I'm really trying to push the Jackson Five thing, or at least bring back Wagon Wheel.

Craving the park. Going to the park is all Ollie wants to do these days. Unfortunately for him the combo of heat and new little baby in the house means we haven't gone this week. I can't imagine wrangling them both to the park to stand around scorching, unable to chase my little wild man. For now the park is only for the weekend, when I've got another set of legs to chase that guy.

Writing on the walls. Well, just once yesterday.. and only with chalk. But it was in direct defiance of my pleas, commands and yes, one shout, not to. So a punishment was doled out - no playing with any toys or anything until he cleaned it and apologized, which only took ten minutes.

Laughing at the way mummy always forgets to cover Emmett when she changes his diaper. I guess watching me get sprayed in the face with pee a few times a day is pretty hilarious.

Currently Emmett is

Making laundry. Besides diapers, this kid is a spitter-upper (his brother wasn't), so I more or less live next to the washing machine.

Listening to the noise maker (party horn?) someone gave Oliver a few days ago, as Ollie blasts it next to his bassinette. Good thing he got used to so much noise in the NICU!

Craving milk, I guess. I mean, I don't know. I haven't asked.

Writing... can I count spraying poop up the wall once as writing? Hmm, it sort of seems like all I think about is poop.

Laughing in his sleep. I love those weird, sleepy little baby chuckles.

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  1. Look at that sweet little face! We've been listening to a lot of Michael over here too. The best.


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