Friday, June 15, 2012

Currently Link Up v3

First I want to say that I am SO GLAD to be posting the third edition of this link up from home, while sitting next to Emmett as he snoozes in his basinette and quietly fuming that Chris has fallen asleep with Oliver upstairs (it is good to be back in a place where sleep challenges are my biggest worry).

So this time I'll answer for all three of us.

Currently I am...

Working on making myself sit down to write out a few things. Most importantly, a letter to Mt Sinai hospital to single out and thank the nurses, lactation consultants and doctors who went out of their way to help make Emmett's 14 day stay a little easier on our family. Such an intense experience created a strong connection to a bunch of professionals, and while chocolates or coffee might be appreciated, I was told that making management aware of the great work that their staff does is even better, and I agree. I'd also like to get to writing about Emmett's birth soon, but it is still fresh and a little confusing for me, so that one might take a little longer.

Dreaming of ... OK, this is corny, but nothing really. I'm just really happy to be home with my family. It is a bit bumpy, working out life with a toddler and a newborn, but it is the kind of bumpy I was hoping for, so it's all I want right now.

Planning strategies for handling having two littles at home. I suppose I should have thought of this a bit sooner, but working out how to manage a limit-testing toddler and a (typically) needy newborn might actually require more than just instinct and the desire to try.

Thinking about whether it is a bad idea to be reading adult novels to my 2.5 week old baby every night when he's awake and looking to interact. Will stories of sexually confused wrestlers (see: John Irving) stick with him beyond infancy? And does that matter?

Obsessed with eating. I forgot how strangely intense full-time breastfeeding hunger is. It isn't even like I'm aware of being hungry at any given time, so much as I just always need to be stuffing something into my face, and I rarely care what it is, as long as it is food!

Currently Oliver is..

Working on his diaper changing skills. Oliver is my "wipe assistant" when I change Emmett's diaper, and is very keen not only to hand me wipes, but also to get right down to the business of cleaning up after his brother. The actual level of helpfulness of this involvement is questionable, but it is sooo cute watching him care for his little brother.

Dreaming of train trips. He got really into taking the subway when Emmett and I were in hospital and he came to visit, and now he's always asking to take a ride - to the hospital, to visit Emmett. Reminders that Emmett is home result in an answer something along the lines of "No, I don't".. ?

Planning to go to our neighbours house to play with his little friends. Ask Oliver any time of day what he wants to do and the answer is generally "visit Robyn".

Thinking about potty training. Maybe? After totally halting any potty activity around the point when he realized that a baby was coming for real, suddenly yesterday Oliver announced that he needed to pee in the potty. And he's gone about three times a day since then. I'm not sure if he's just playing with the idea or if we're looking at a window of opportunity here..

Obsessed with "mummy milk". I knew that weaning when there's a new baby nursing in front of him wasn't likely to happen, but now that there's an ample supply and constant reminder of it's existence, Oliver is always asking to nurse. I'm setting a lot of limits, which is hard because I know it is how he wants to connect with me during this major transition, but I also know that I can't physically or emotionally keep up with nursing two littles around the clock, so we're finding compromises and settling into a routine.

Currently Emmett is..

Working on filling diapers with blasts so intense they seem to shake the whole house.

Dreaming of something that makes his little brow furrow and lips purse in the cutest, most perturbed baby way.

Planning on spending more and more time awake every day. Luckily his alert periods have all been in the daytime so far!

Thinking about how to use his vocal chords. Yesterday and today during wakeful periods he's managed a few mighty squacks that delighted me and startled him.

Obsessed with sleep. I'm not complaining and I probably shouldn't even mention it, but so far this child is a good sleeper.. not something I was expecting, and probably not something I should take for granted, as I'm sure it is only a matter of time before he realizes he's not in the NICU any more and can therefore set the agenda for his mummy all day and night.

So that's what's going on here this week. Check out what's up with other bloggers participating in the link up by clicking on the button below!

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  1. Hehe, love it. So exciting to read about TWO sweet littles now :)

  2. You deserve a couple of awards - one for participating in this link up three weeks in a row when you just gave birth AND have a toddler at home, and a second one because this was my favourite link up post EVER! It's so great to hear how Ollie and Emmett are doing and hearing about your family being together. I am so, so happy for you guys!

    Also, I know I can say this because I don't have a newborn at home, but I'd totally put Ollie in some big guy undies and let the "training" begin! I think it's a great sign that he's ready and if he's telling you guys when he has to go, then just let him take the lead. What's a few extra wet undies in the mountain of cloth diapers? :)

  3. YAY! Congrats on being home with your new baby. Such wonderful news! And I agree with Randalin, you totally need an award for your awesomeness. Breastfeeding a newborn and a toddler? That is pretty impressive.


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