Monday, May 14, 2012

Word jumble

So I was up half the night last night with super bad cramps (if you don't want to hear about the goings on of a uterus, you should probably put reading this blog on hold for a few weeks). I was half hoping they were signs of early labor and half fearing that they were signs of early labor. Whatever they were, they were a great reminder that that sh*t hurts. So that was fun.

Due to my sleeplessness, you'll have to excuse the fact that I am way too brain scrambled to put together anything coherent this morning. Please pardon my brain evacuation...

This morning I had a midwife appointment scheduled but it was cancelled at the last minute due to some other lady having her baby (selfish). I had already arranged for my neighbour to watch Ollie during the appointment, and when I told him it was cancelled he became my personal hero by saying "well, I already planned to take Ollie and Robyn [his daughter] to Riverdale Farm, so you just stay home and relax". I have the best neighbours!

A new baby would have been a lovely Mother's Day present, but a great day with Ollie was just as nice. Breakfast on the deck (pancakes made by Oliver with help from his Dad), day at High Park, and then dinner with my Mum, Dad and brothers..

Pancakes and iced tea, with a side of hockey
Determined to hang on the monkey bars alone
He didn't like them as a baby, but he loves swings now!

Let's be honest, the point of this picture is to demonstrate how ridiculously huge I am!
I hope all the other mums out there had very special days too!

For this week, my plan is to spend all my time walking long distances, bouncing on exercise balls and eating spicy foods. Who knows.. maybe my next post will be of the new addition to our family!...


  1. I'm so excited for you!! Can't wait for the big announcement :)

  2. I completely share your I want the baby already but don't want to labour to get him/her here! scared and excited at once. no turning back now! lol
    enjoy your relaxing day of quiet :)
    I can't wait for the "here we go" post either!!

  3. You look beautiful. Miss you xx


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