Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Just the two of us...

I just dumped all my iphone photos onto the computer, and found myself unexpectedly caught up in an emotional half hour of thinking about how much I love the little pair that Ollie and I are during our days together, and how that is coming to an end.

I'll save the emotional exploration for another post, and for now, just share some of what Ollie and I do together right now, while it is just the two of us.

We get ready to start the day together:

Hand cream/hair gel.. same difference...

By the time I'm ready for breakfast, Ollie's already had one with
his Dad - 2nd breakfast, boy after my own heart!

This is for future embarrassment: That's my (clean) underwear
as a necklace!

We hang out around the house:

Ollie's better with his guitar than I am with mine :(

You never know when you'll be plunged under water!
Still a little bookworm..
Rainy afternoon movie (popcorn and everything!)
We run errands:

We call this "shopping cart sailing"

The "zamboni" at our local mall

Some errands require a bribe!
OK, most errands

We have temper tantrums:

Not into the stroller, but not so into walking either
We (I) eat treats:

Ollie is actually laughing in this picture because I told him that
what I was eating was "disgusting" (Egg McMuffin),
and he found my devouring it after that totally hilarious
Sometimes we sleep:

Sunny snoozes in the back yard

Overly long naps after arriving at our destination
... my naps not pictured ;)

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  1. These pictures are great :) I can't wait to see all the adorableness you capture with Ollie and his new little brother/sister


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