Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Introducing Emmett

You've probably gleaned from other sources that our new member of the family, Emmett joined us on May 27th at 12:57 am. Almost a pound bigger than his brother, at 6lbs 7ozs he went much easier on me during labor and his delivery was a breeze.

Unfortunately he didn't go so easy on himself and he inhaled a great deal of meconium while he was being born. Newborn 101: meconium is the tar like substance that babies poop for the first few days after birth. Inhaling this stuff has basically the same effect as inhaling paste would on your lungs. It is sticky and heavy and causes breathing to be a very serious challenge.

Emmett had to be intubated shortly after he was born to allow a machine to breathe for him and prevent his lungs from contracting ad sticking together. That means he went straight to the NICU and he has been there ever since.

The goal for a baby who aspirated meconium is for them to metabolize the nasty stuff and clear their lungs to be able to breathe on their own. Antibiotics and all different machines are involved but at the end of the day it is mostly a matter of time.. Just waiting for the lungs to be able to do their work on their own.

Emmett has been making good progress - yesterday his intubation was removed and he is currently receiving air through a mask that provides pressurized delivery of oxygen. He spends most of his days snoozing in his isolette, doing the important work of resting to get better.

I have managed to be able to stay at the hospital for the past three days, pumping and sitting with him and occasionally sleeping, but today the room I am in is needed for a family with a more sick baby and so I have to move out. For the next week (and hopefully not longer), I'll be living in two places - home, trying to be with Ollie and have some fun and keep up pumping and resting, and the hospital, trying to make steps towards being able to hold, and nurse and then take my baby home. And no matter where I am I will be wishing I was somewhere else, with the other perfect little piece of me I have to leave behind.

Updating here will probably help make things seem a little normal, and I will really appreciate all the good thoughts and energy and encouragement I can get from readers. Ultimately we're all going to be ok but we are having a really rough start getting to be a family of four.


  1. Hi Meagan, I hope that your sweet little boy is home with you all soon....He is a fighter like his momma and will be home before you know it:) Keep us updated....xoxo
    And congrats once again, he is adorable:)

  2. Meg - he is so gorgeous! Look at that fuzzy head of hair!!
    You sound like you are handling this incredibly well and I'm sending you and Chris and Ollie and Emmett many, many, many positive thoughts.

  3. Oh Meagan!! I'm sitting here in my office, pumping, typing (with my handy new hands-free pumping brazier!) and getting choked up, happy that my door is closed! Besides all the tubes, he looks so healthy and happy already. I know this is going to be so tough, especially since those protect-your-young-with-your-life juices have prob already started flowing but he is going to be home soon and you'll be able to have your family all together, as it should be.
    You are amazing and Emmett is in good hands with you, Chris and Big Bro Ollie!

  4. Hello Meagan, Sending you oodles & oodles of positive thoughts. You and your honey make beautiful babies. I hope that you will all be reunited and under one roof real soon Take care, Maureen

  5. Congratulations Meagan! He's absolutely gorgeous -- and looks so strong and alert!! I am happy to hear that your actual birthing experience was better this time around for you, but saddened to hear about poor Emmett inhaling the meconium =( Crossing my fingers and toes for a speedy recovery and release for little brother.

  6. Congratulations Meagan! Glad to hear baby finally made his appearance. He is lovely (and for someone who works in a maternity ward and sees newborns all day, every day, I know a lovely baby when I see one)! Sounds like you did a beautiful job with the delivery but sorry to hear Emmett decided to suck back that nasty meconium on the way out (I'm sure it was an accident). I hope the NICU stay goes quickly and smoothly! Take care of yourself in the meantime. : ) K.


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