Wednesday, May 23, 2012

39 Weeks

I started writing this post last night (when I was exactly 39 weeks), and took a break to make a run to the store with my brother's girlfriend. On our way back, as we pulled through a drive through for a snack I started to have a feeling that made me think "LABOR!"... It wasn't super intense, but waves of pains and tightness were passing through my lower abdomen and by the time I got home I was pretty sure this was the night.

Chris ran over to our neighbours to let them know it could be time, and to set up a bed for Ollie to sleep in in case we needed to get him out of the house (for screaming or whatever), and I called my parents to say "pack a bag and go easy on after dinner drinks", and then we rented an episode of LOST from Netflix and tried to relax and wait.

For about half an hour I had these pains, coming and going, as I bounced on a ball trying to get them to stick around/intensify, but by the end of the episode pretty much nothing was happening, so we headed to bed thinking it wasn't YET time, but there was a good chance we'd be up in the night to greet our new baby.

We got to greet Ollie as he came into our room at seven a.m. instead. Still pretty excellent, but not what we were expecting.

So I'm back to this post, to say that I am indeed, 39 weeks pregnant. So far losers in the baby pool include: my midwife friend Susannah, my mum, and most of all, me.

I've got my fingers crossed for Randalin, who put her bet on May 24th. And I'm hoping it is just the 24th - as in shortly after midnight tonight ;)

So here are the continuing details of my pregnancy:


Last time I got checked (last Monday), the baby's heartbeat was 145 beats p/min. The heartbeat fluctuates like crazy, ranging from 120 - 165 so I don't know how or why people think this is a good way to predict sex. Also, my midwife said that the baby felt like "a good size" and "not small". I'm hoping this just means "average" because Ollie was so tiny but so impactful, I'm not sure I can handle that much more baby!

I've stopped gaining weight, but what I'm not gaining in poundage I'm making up for in puffiness. The last few weeks of pregnancy truly are hideous (at least for me). I haven't made it in to the Slow Room at the right time to get an ugliness reading from the owner, but maybe if I'm feeling ambitious I'll go today..


The longer it takes to have the baby, the more I feel like I need to do to get ready. Every day I seem to think of another item I must have in order to be prepared, and another food that should be in the freezer, and another area of the house that really should get sorted out. It is good that nature gives women the urge to nest in this way, because otherwise I think we'd go completely crazy while waiting - god knows I don't have the attention span to read or do work or use my brain at all, so chores and errands are the only outlet for my energy that are possible.


I shouldn't say it because it is most certainly a jinx, but I think I'm a little less afraid of labor. Primarily because I just want to get it over with, I've finally become capable of thinking forward to the outcome, rather than worrying about the process. That said, any time I've thought it might be "time" in the last week, I've pretty much collapsed into a puddle of "I don't want to!" tears. So maybe I'm not as cool with it as I think I am.

And as far as looking forward goes, fears about how to manage with a toddler and a new baby are becoming much more real. And how to make sure I get enough time with Ollie, and how he'll handle this big change to the family, and how we'll all survive on no sleep or time or breaks... how?!

Home or Hospital?

The big question. 

We've basically settled it by not settling it. We're ready for either scenario, and we're going to let my labor and our midwife make the call (with a good understanding of where we both stand under her belt). When I go into labor, she'll come here to assess where I am at. If she thinks there is a reasonable amount of time to safely and comfortable head to the hospital, then off we'll go, without too much fuss from me, hopefully. But if she thinks that it wouldn't be smart to move/that it will be too uncomfortable/that things are moving too quickly, then we're staying home where everything is ready and safe for a home birth.

(BTW Being ready for a home birth means we've been sleeping on a plastic sheet under our sheet for the last week, and let me tell you.. that alone is incentive to get this baby born - or to let hospitals handle the mess of labor.. sweaty!)

So for now, that's all the info I have about this new member of the family. Hopefully in the next day (s?) I'll be posting photos of the four of us. Until then, I'll be cursing the heat and walking til my feet ache to try and avoid a 40 week update next Tuesday.


  1. I am so, so, so excited for you!! I seriously feel like this birth is going to be such a different and positive experience for you. And I am not a half glass full kind of girl - I just have a good feeling.

    Also - I'M WINNING!!!!

    And - just curious what your plan with Ollie is? If you go ahead with a homebirth, are you planning to have him stay at home or will be heading out with the grandparents for the big event?

  2. Well, we have to kind of play the Ollie plan by ear too. Best case scenario is a home birth after he goes to bed - so we can probably get away with just letting him snooze, but handing our neighbours the monitor so that if he wakes up, they can come over and get him. But if he's awake and alert he'll be going over to the neighbours or my brothers until my parents can get here. Our midwifery practice seems to encourage involving older siblings in home births but I'm not ready to add that level of stress to the experience of labor.. and I doubt I ever will be!


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