Wednesday, May 2, 2012

36 weeks!

At my weekly midwife appointment today, my midwife handed over my chart and said "the next time I see you, you  might be in labor".

WT-everloving-F? How is this possible? I've been wishing this pregnancy over since its earliest days, and now that I'm at the end I'm pretty much in shock that it is almost here.

Of course, it is totally possible that I could stay pregnant for another five weeks but my gut tells me that isn't going to happen, and even if it does, from this week on every twinge and cramp and funny feeling is a very real reminder that this is JUST about to happen.

Labor signs?

My local coffee shop owner told me he'd be able to tell me when I was within a week of giving birth because "in the last week before a woman gives birth, she gets ugly"... I'm torn between wanting to check in every day to know when baby is coming and not really wanting to be told "yep, the ugly is here!"

Besides the predictions of local business owners, I feel like the baby could come tomorrow, or not for another three weeks. I've been getting random cramps here and there, and lots of Braxton Hicks all of the sudden, but I'm not naive enough to think that either might be anything at all.

Starting on the weekend, I launched into a totally obsessive nesting phase, and if I was superstitious I'd take that to mean that the end is near.. but I also know myself to be a bit manic when it comes to cleaning/organizing, so it very well may mean nothing at all. I know when I was expecting Ollie, the weekend before he was born I was sure he was coming any minute, and also suddenly became very sure that he was a boy, so maybe I'll get a sense of certainty before this one too.

Am I ready?

Like I said above, I've been nesting like crazy and have washed/folded/put away all of the neutral newborn outfits we have left from Ollie, blankets and diapers (we're doing cloth again for this little one, but instead of a service like we had with Ollie at first, I'm jumping straight into handling the washing myself - you know, because I have so much more time now than I did before Ollie was born!)

Our freezer is stocked with soups and casserole and muffins, and I'm planning to order our organics delivery box to be dropped off weekly, starting next week.

Our freezer is also stocked with what I consider the most important item to have on hand for post partum - padsicles! I guess Chris forgot about them from last time, but when he walked in on me making them up in the kitchen around dinner time he looked more worried than any man has ever looked. I should have told him they were what was for dinner.. I'd probably be enjoying a nice vacation right about now.

The only thing that isn't yet ready is my hospital bag. This is still a major point of contention in our household, but home birth or no, I need to have one packed and ready to go because transfer to the hospital is always a possibility, and I am totally OK with that.


Baby's heart rate was 145 yesterday, lower than the typical 160 it's been all the way through. As with Oliver, my belly has stopped growing (the midwife measures fundal height every week), and my midwife said she's not worried because the top of my uterus is at the base of my ribs - there just isn't any more room in there.

One thing that has grown however is my weight! I've gained almost 20 pounds less than I did with Ollie, at a nice moderate rate (like, much less than a pound a week), but this last week I gained FOUR POUNDS! That is a big jump in seven days.. and probably water weight or something, but man did my jaw drop when I stepped on the scale!


I'm going to revise my earlier prediction: I still say Girl, 6 lbs 2 oz, but I'm making a major date shift to May 14th. Likely wishful thinking.

The round up of other guesses is as follows:

Randalin: Boy, 7 lbs, 8 ozs, May 24th
Michellenicole: Girl, 6lbs 8oz, May 27th
My mum: Girl, May 22, 6'3oz.
My dad: Girl, 6.4, in her own sweet time (there's some kind of stubbornness joke about me in there)..

Ollie also thinks the baby is a girl ("baby sister").. and that it will come "whoosh" (that's like a date, right?)

Leave a guess in the comments section and maybe you'll win a prize - like if it is a boy, I'll let you name it (half-joking.. OK seriously.. got any good boy names?)


  1. this post was too funny. which coffee shop is this? I might have to visit for some ugly predictions later on!

    I have no idea what the sex of the little one might be, but I'm gonna back you all the way with girl -- motherly intuition must be making you guess girl!

    last pregnancy I gained over 50lbs... so I hope I'm as lucky as you and gain 20 less this time!! i gained 6 pounds in one week near the end -- i wish i could say it was water retention, but it was CAKE!

  2. ps. this is totally unrelated.. but are you getting a double stroller?

    1. That doesn't seem unrelated.. that's important stuff! We switched out our i'Coo Targo and got a Phil & Ted's Classic with a rumble seat. A side-by-side double seemed wildly impractical for the city and getting one with more bells and whistles seemed crazy since Ollie is pretty stroller resistant - so we really need it for longer trips away from the house, and I know we'll soon be using it less and less for him.

    2. we're looking at the Phil & Teds as well... definitely don't want a side-by-side either. honestly i beat myself up over not foreseeing this need when pregnant with Seba -- I would have bought a stroller that has an add-on / extra seat option. ah well. live and learn. I think I'll hold out to hear how well the stroller works for you before buying it.

  3. So before you even posted this I started thinking 'girl,' but now that I see everyone else is going with girl, I'm going to stick with boy - just to be different!

    Also, just a FYI - my birthday is May 14th so it's obviously a great day. HOWEVER, it is always very close to Mother's Day. Usually the day before, day after or same day. So if you have a kid that day, Mother's Day will always be overshadowed by their birthday (as was the case for my mom!). So for your case, I'm going to cross your fingers that baby waits awhile longer - because you deserve ALL the attention on mama's day :)

  4. Oh - and our boy back up name (for the boy that doesn't exist yet) is Cruz. You can have that one.


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