Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Begging for help on the internet

If you're on my Twitter or Facebook (and my google stats tell me that most of you are), you might have noticed that the sleep situation in my house is a bit of a disaster right now. And by "a bit" I mean a complete disaster.

Ollie didn't start as an easy sleeper and I grappled with how to handle that in his first year, through frustration, and then coming to terms with co-sleeping and then finally figuring out a way to gently get him to sleep on his own. For the last year putting Ollie down has generally been as simple as nursing, singing three songs, and then leaving the room with a sweet little "nite nite".

Somewhere around a month ago, everything went all to hell. It sounds (and is) completely demented but for some reason Chris started sleeping on the floor next to the crib, first in the middle of the night when Ollie woke up upset, and then from the beginning of the night, when he wouldn't fall asleep any other way. Around the same time, we got a little sloppy with naps and Ollie accidentally fell asleep in his stroller basically every day for a week...

And at the same time as this started we had agreed to move Ollie to a "big guy bed" in preparation for moving the crib to the baby's room, and letting him have some more freedom. With this new development in his sleep patterns we were really worried, but a little hopeful that making a drastic change would be the shake-up he needed to get back to sleeping properly.

We thought having him build his own bed might also build "big boy bed" hype. 
Ollie's had other thoughts on the subject. I expected to be dealing with the roaming and playing and silliness that comes with the freedom of an unrestricted bed, but instead we've ended up with extreme clinging. Ollie doesn't get out of his bed to have fun, he begs us desperately to stay with him until he falls asleep. And then when he wakes up and we aren't there, he starts the whole thing over again.

We're up with him at least six times a night. For the last two weeks. So basically, we already have a newborn.

We know, consistency is key, and we're working on a routine that works. We do bath, we do jammies, we do two books, three songs, and then mummy or daddy moves to the chair in the corner to wait while Ollie falls asleep. And Ollie drags that out to the BITTER end. (averaging two hours a night). We could just leave and lock him in his room but we're not really that kind of parents, and if we try it for a minute or two the screaming and pounding on the door is too heartbreaking to ignore.

Like the first time I dealt with this, I am sure it just takes time. But I'm sort of panicking because with only 5-8 weeks before we actually are up all night with a newborn we've completely lost our night time freedom. Having people over for dinner is a bit awkward when one of you is locked in a room for two hours. Going out doesn't work very well as finding a sitter who's willing to sit hostage for two hours seems like a stretch, and I have no interest in leaving for the evening at nine p.m. (so old, so pregnant). So I'd really like there to be a way to get through this stage a little faster.

And is this a standard phase? Is there a two year sleep regression I should know about? I sort of stopped reading sleep resources when they became irrelevant to me.

Does anyone have any ideas?! Or just want to offer to babysit? ;)

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  1. Dude if I were in ON I would totally come by and sit for you so you could have a night out!


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