Sunday, March 11, 2012

Mummy Fail: Cardigan pants

Of course when Ollie was a little baby, I always travelled with a change of clothes for him, in case of the dreaded "Number Three", but as he's aged, my list of to-go items has been whittled down so much that when we're staying in the neighbourhood, it is pretty much just a change of diaper at the most.

While enjoying lunch with my family at a local restaurant, I took Ollie down to the washroom for a change and on discovering extremely tiny facilities (pretty typical downtown), I decided to change him as he stood in the sink. With his pants around his ankles while I did my work, he said to me "What this do?", and before I could answer, he'd turned on the faucet and soaked his jeans!

Ollie finished lunch with nothing but a diaper on his bottom half, and then headed out on the (luckily warm) walk home wearing my cardigan as a make-shift pair of pants.

Honestly - I might have a future as a children's/mother's convertible clothing designer...


  1. Uh, genius! You should probably open an Etsy shop...

  2. Love it. B's had many such moments under my watch! Ps: dude! I had NO idea that other name was so iffy. Haha, naive lady, right here!! ;)


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