Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Beastly Update

We're (finally) starting to make room for the new baby in our home (I'll take pics, I really will) so I figured maybe it is time to start making room for little Beastly on this blog as well. Anyway, pregnancy updates are pretty standard on blogs like this. So here are the facts:

How many weeks? 28. Which means I'm already in the third trimester, and there are only 12 weeks to my due date. Terrifying!

Gender: We'll see. Most people guess girl, and if I was going to put an official guess on paper, I'd go with girl too. Just a gut feeling, loosely based on how much more intensely hormonal I feel during this pregnancy.

Also, when I was pregnant with Ollie, I was decorating his room in "neutrals" but looking back, almost everything I picked was blue. This time around, all the "neutral" stuff I am drawn too is much more distinctly feminine. That could just be a change in taste, but I think it is sort of a science-y basis for gender prediction also. I'd try the old wedding ring trick, but I lost my wedding ring almost a year ago and we haven't got around to coming up with a replacement. (A regular ring won't work - also science.)

Name: We're one of those non name sharing couples. When I was pregnant with Ollie we shared one of the girl's names that we were almost 100% settled on with my family and my mum said she hated it. Lesson learned. That said, we couldn't share a boys name if we wanted to, because we still can't decide on anything that we both like.

In-utero habits: This baby is pretty much a non stop dancing machine. Ollie's like that in his non-gestational life, but was a more slow and subtle stretcher when I was pregnant. Maybe it is just a difference in position, but this little one seems to be moving almost all of my waking hours (and many of the hours when I am trying to sleep).

Heartbeat: Always around 150-160. I forgot to ask at my midwife appointment today, and I didn't really hear it because my midwife is old-school and uses the fetoscope rather than a doppler - which I haven't quite got the hang of yet.

How big are you? Like, enormous. I have actually gained less weight than I had at this point in my pregnancy with Oliver, but I'm pretty sure that I am as big around as I ever was with him (even at the end). Again, probably a positional thing, but where Ollie was a little more "around" my middle, this baby is all out front and proud. Topped off with my hideous, pokey-outey belly button, of course. Oh, and as for a bump photo.. no chance. I hate pictures of myself.

Pregnant grumbling: Well, you know that my mood has been an issue. But I'm still on track with a better outlook this week and I'm hoping it stays that way. Otherwise, normal complaints about heartburn, sore back, etc. And I still have a reasonable amount of energy - whatever is lacking there is more likely related to Oliver's early morning wake-ups and our late night home reno cleaning bursts than it is to being pregnant.

Wagering with myself: My family/friends did a baby prediction pool when I was expecting Ollie (my girlfriend Jen was alarmingly accurate on weight, date and gender). This time around I'm sure no one will be that invested (second pregnancy, whomp whomp...), so I'll wager with myself....

My guess today: Girl, 6 lbs 2oz, May 26


  1. May babies are the best (this has nothing to do with the fact that both Kale and I were born in May...I swear). I'm pretty excited for you and Ollie and your husband! I'm keenly interested in the world of two children families these days, but still haven't convinced myself that I'm ready to take the plunge.

    As for my prediction - I'm going to go with boy. 7lbs. 8oz. May 24th. This is based on:

    1. I cannot imagine baby girls after having a boy. I don't know why. Clearly baby girls exist. Just not in my mind.

    2. May 2-4! Long weekend birthday! Woot-woot!

    3. Weight. I don't know - that's how much Kale weighed, hence all babies weigh that.

  2. Haha it makes me laugh every time Randalin says she can't imagine girl babies. I get that. Ok, I'll throw in the 27th, because Audrey was born on the 27th (of March). And how about 6lbs 8oz. And girl :) I am also stunned that you're in your third trimester. What?! I swear you slipped in that pregnancy announcement like yesterday.

  3. Excellent! A little online gambling on baby number two.. I'll record your guesses.. maybe there will be a prize! Randalin, your reasoning is flawless, as I suspect it always is. And yeah, count me among the many who are stunned that I'm in my third trimester. I just got the time to start thinking about decorating the baby's room and I'm already practically too tired and big to do it... oops! I promise pictures of our house our coming.. I am just waiting for a sunny day that coincides with a clean house (and to meet a unicorn, as all of these are equally likely!)

  4. hahaha. well here's hoping for a unicorn :) i shouldn't really be pushing for photos if i can't get my own shit together. i do some interior photography on the side, and when it comes to taking pics of my own house and our reno progress, i'm sooooo lazy.


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