Thursday, March 22, 2012

30 Weeks!

Good grief.. I'm two-thirds through this pregnancy already!

It's about time.. So, being 2/3rds through my pregnancy, and being a pregnant woman and therefore obligated socially to wax poetic about the joy of carrying a baby, this is going to sound wrong, but anyway.. this week, pretty much for the first time, I'm starting to feel excited about this baby coming.

I'm daydreaming about holding a sweet little newborn in my arms and making mental checklists of all of the adorable tiny things (and also larger, practical things) I'd like to get ready for this new member of our family. I'm putting my hand on my belly and poking at the little limbs I feel less out of scientific curiosity and/or discomfort and more out of a desire to know who this little person might be. I can actually picture us all as a family of four, and it isn't just detached speculation (or sheer terror) and I think once he gets a handle on this whole big-boy bed, night waking situation, Ollie is going to be such a great big brother!

Speaking of getting things ready... One of my friends is a few weeks further along than I am, with her first, and her preparations are really putting me to shame. Of course, we've done a ton of work on the house to make this place family-of-four friendly, but in terms of actual baby prep I have done pretty much nothing.
  • Room painted? No. 
  • Colour picked? No. 
  • Names finalized? Not even close.
  • Birth place decided upon? Nope! 
  • Any other thing people usually do to get ready for a baby: NO
I am starting to put together a list of things we need for this baby - lists are easy ;) And I'm debating whether or not it is rude to put it out on facebook to request hand-me-downs from other mums. I don't want/need anything new and having done this once, I know how practical it is to share those briefly used baby basics. 

Pregnant grumbling: Actually, I don't have much grumbling to do right now. My mood is better, my body isn't too sore and for some reason I have a lot more energy now than I did at the beginning of the 2nd trimester. 

A lot of this could be attributed to the royal spoiling I was treated to by my mum and dad last week, who whisked me away from the city to St. Anne's Spa for a whole day of over the top pampering and two days in a row of sleeping as late as I felt like, while Ollie was with his dad at his family cottage. My feet are soft, my skin is glowy and my body was covered with oil and filled with cucumber-lemon water and tiny sandwiches!

Actually though, cucumber-lemon water might be the only thing I eat from now on, since the uncomfortable heartburn I've had since the beginning of this pregnancy has been upgraded to astronomical. Last night I could only choke down an orange for dinner, and I was uncomfortable til 11:30!

Midwife Stuff: I'm into the "appointment every two weeks" phase, which I appreciate, since I know I'm well cared for, but also seems like a massive waste of time. Of course, I don't know everything there is to know about being pregnant just because I've had a baby once, but everything is a little less fascinating, so appointments pretty much come down to weigh-ins and blood pressure checks. My weight is fine, my blood pressure is low, and baby is sitting diagonally across my belly, head below bum, making me look more than just a little lopsided!

Baby Bet

I'm sticking with my original guess: Girl, 6 lbs 2oz, May 26

And two readers weighed in last time I posted, so I'll record those here too!

Randalin guessed: Boy, 7 lbs, 8 ozs, May 24th
Michellenicole guessed: Girl, 6lbs 8oz, May 27th

I'm sort of pulling for Randalin, since she picked the earliest due date ;)


  1. Since the guessing has begun I will say:
    Girl, May 22, 6'3oz.

    1. Ok, Gramps weighs in. girl, 6.4, beautiful, whenever she is good and ready. Like her beautiful Mum.


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