Friday, February 24, 2012

Ollie's Favorite Things

One thing everybody knows about two year olds is that they are very clear on their likes and dislikes. Ollie is pretty enthusiastic about almost everything, but right now, here are his top three:


True story: In the chaos and aftermath of Oliver's birth, having just been told he was a boy, but not fully comprehending what was happening with him in terms of his health, the first thing I remember saying to my mother is "Don't worry, he won't play hockey". Obviously my head wasn't in the right space, but I also kind of meant it.

Mini Reimer
This is Ollie's game face
 Which was pretty much a guarantee that Ollie would be like, the biggest toddler hockey fan in history. Ollie's favorite words are "hockey" "ball" "mask" "net" "puck" "goalie" "helmet" "zamboni" "Kessel" and "Reimer" (I'm told those last two are Maple Leafs. Ollie likes to role play Kessel and Reimer when we play hockey in the basement, with his full set of mini sticks, nets and goalie mask.

Chris took Ollie to his first hockey game last weekend (Toronto Marlies), and although it was decreed "too loud!" by Ollie, it has also been a point of discussion every minute of every day since (They had two zambonies! Can you believe it!?)

Playing Pretend

Happily for me, Ollie's interest in pretend play extends beyond Kessel and Reimer. Lately Ollie's imagination is in full evidence. Sometimes a monster lives in our heating vents, sometimes his baby doll needs a check up from a doctor, sometimes we fish with a banana..

Making Music/Listening to Music

Ollie has always loved music, but now we're getting a thrill from the way he's starting to understand music and sing along. Ollie's favorite song right now is Old Crowe Medicine Show's Wagon Wheel. Before that, it was Burn One Down. One thing these songs have in common? References to stuff we'd rather he wasn't shouting out as we wander around the neighbourhood or hang out with Grandparents. I mean, it makes us giggle, but it seems wrong.

Ollie's also really into making music, obsessing over trying to find ways to get at my beautiful new guitar, and playing the drums like a maniac any chance he gets. He loves to practice on his "Belly Drums" and about once a day insists that we strip off his top so he can get at them. I think Matthew McConaughey got arrested a while ago for something pretty similar to this:

I could also do a whole post of Ollie's dislikes (getting in the stroller, transitioning from any one activity to another, vinegar...) but I'll save that for a day I'm feeling grumpy.

Happy Friday!


  1. Ha! These videos are amazing. That's some serious belly drumming. Ollie videos rock.

  2. This is such a great post! This might just be the best age ever (well, so far). All of this made me smile :)

  3. oh my... our sons share the hockey obsession!!! I felt like I was reading about sebastian in this post. they are hockey brothers from other mothers!!!


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