Thursday, February 16, 2012

Birthdays are about cupcakes

Ollie has been celebrating being two for almost a week now.. with family and friends and more friends and more family.. the full range of festivities won't quit til this Friday night, but here are some photos of what he's been up to so far.

My mum made amazing Cookie Monster cupcakes for a family celebration (but I took a less amazing photo of them.

Ollie loved the cupcakes, but particularly loved the white chocolate eyes. All night he ordered "More eyes! More eyes!"

For his actual birthday, Ollie and I made cupcakes (from a box, I'm an overachiever)

And he was pretty proud

While the cupcakes baked, Ollie played in his new, fully equipped sporting facility(basketball nets, hockey nets, masks, ball gloves)

Cupcakes ready! (Oliver plate courtesy of Melissa)

Not as good as Grandy's, but cupcakes are cupcakes!

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  1. Happy Birthday to the little guy! These pictures are great. The one of him being proud of the cupcakes is perfect :) Two is going to be so exciting!!!


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