Sunday, January 29, 2012

I want to say thank you so much to the people who posted really lovely and encouraging comments for me on here and on Facebook. Blogging is pretty weird to me sometimes, when it comes to self-revelatory, confessional type stuff, but it is also so helpful to be able to put your feelings out into space and then if you're lucky, get something loving and kind back from that, and I so appreciate it. I should send you all personal messages, and I will, but until then, thank you.

Since I posted, I've been feeling better, then worse, and then better again. So pretty much as up and down as ever. But I've done yoga, I've been to acupuncture, I've cooked and baked and visited friends. I haven't blogged more, but I've scribbled around the house and picked away at my guitar. Ollie and I have had fun, and Chris and I even went on a date (furniture shopping.. but followed by a movie, so that counts, right?)

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