Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Recap

Merry Christmas to everyone!

Our Christmas was a mixed bag. We had a great time with our family and Ollie loved Christmas - although he found the whole gift opening concept extremely challenging (he would have preferred to open only one gift and play with it and all of it's related items all day long).

But we also had a crummy time as we ended up in the hospital on Christmas day, with Oliver having trouble breathing. Ollie's been sick with a very wheezy cough on and off since the summer, and he's been taking puffers since then too. He gets better, then worse over and over, and he was definitely in a worse period this past week.

We've never had a specific diagnosis, beyond a persistent cough, but this time the doctor we saw told us that based on Ollie's history, it sounds to him like he has asthma. We don't know that for sure, but it makes sense for now. He's on more effective medication and he's feeling a lot better. And tomorrow we're leaving for Florida, where he'll hopefully feel even better in the warm sunshine.

Unfortunately, the doctor had one more thing to say about Ollie's difficulties, and it has really cast a dark shadow on our holidays. He told us that having a cat in our home is one of the most likely triggers of Ollie's breathing difficulties. He doesn't necessarily have an allergy, but the dander and hair in our house from my Mo exacerbates his respiratory challenges making it almost impossible for his airways and lungs to catch up with his health.

Tomorrow before we leave for Florida, we're dropping Mo off at my brothers' apartment, and he likely won't be coming back home. Truly, I'm devastated. I would of course do anything for Ollie, but this is a really tough one for me.

We don't know for sure where Mo will end up as a permanent home as my brothers may not be able to keep him, so right now, we're looking for loving people to take him in. If you can help, please send a note.

So that's my downer Christmas recap. Honestly, in all of the sadness I only took a small handful of iPhone photos of our Christmas. (I do believe family took more, so it isn't a loss altogether). Here's one of Ollie just loving his brand new play kitchen - he hasn't stopped "cooking" since he got it.

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  1. hopefully all ollie needs is a little bit of florida sunshine.
    a positive spin: my nephew had a persistent cough for most of his childhood and was given a puffer. they told his parents it seemed like asthma as well. now he's 8-years-old with no breathing problems at all.
    anywho -- merry christmas. love the kitchen: seems you're growing a little chef! {a mother's dream... or maybe just my dream?!}
    enjoy the oranges.


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