Monday, November 28, 2011

Hanging out at the rink

I'm not sure if I've mentioned how much I love our neighbourhood before?

One major reason is that our local park is completely amazing. It has a splash pad and amazing sand pit in the summer, a year round organic farmers market and Friday night dinners, and in the winter, free skating and shinny hockey all day and night!

Chris has been a big fan of being able to head over for a game of hockey any night of the week since we moved here, so he was excited to see that the rink was open this Saturday and mentioned it to me on my way out to run some errands. Out running those errands, I had a rare mommy brainwave - bob skates!

Did you know that bob skates are only $9?! If I can find them in my size, I'm getting a pair for myself, but to test them out, I got a pair for Ollie as soon as I found them. And when I showed them to Chris, he couldn't wait to get out with our little guy to give them a try.

After a late afternoon nap, we headed down to the rink, expecting that the (kind of grumpy) Oliver would get a couple of minutes of fun out of being dragged around the ice before we left home in a meltdown.

WRONG. This child LOVES skating, and apparently has just been waiting for us to let him try it since the day he was born. He was so serious on the ice it was hard to tell if he was liking it, but any suggestion of leaving prompted a little fit. He went round and round for 45 minutes on his first try!

We finally pulled him off the ice because it was dinner time, but since we'd stayed so late, we didn't have anything to eat. No worries - neighbourhood to the rescue.. the rink house has a little kitchen that sells extremely affordable, healthy food. For $3.25 Ollie gulped down a large bowl of vegan chile, two pizza muffins and a juice box (OK, he had help with the pizza muffins).

After dinner, Ollie headed back onto the ice with Chris, while I took off to meet a friend for a birthday dinner.  And now that their father-son love of ice sports had been established, they capped the night off with a delayed bedtime to enjoy a period of the hockey game together. I guess I live with two boys now. 

(apologies for the quality of photos around here right now, I just got an iPhone and I'm both too lazy to get my camera out and too in love to put my phone aside. I'll switch back soon, I'm sure)


  1. I love this post! I'm so impressed that you've already had Ollie out on the ice. I'm going to have to give these bob skates a chance!

    Your neighborhood sounds awesome. When can we move in??

  2. PS - do you have instagram on your iPhone? It's a must have! Search me out!


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