Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Thinking about quitting

So we're two weeks into this daycare thing and to be perfectly honest, we hate it. All of us.

Ollie hates being dropped off, left behind, and forced into a schedule that doesn't really work for him (one nap a day is a major issue).

I hate wrenching myself away from my crying child, spending all day telling myself that it's "good" for him, and then picking up a still crying, exhausted, zombie baby, who doesn't eat anything for dinner - and hasn't eaten anything for lunch, and who falls asleep at the table.

Chris hates seeing how tired Ollie is, and how stressed I am.

It's just sort of an all around fail right now.

Like everything related to caring for a baby/toddler, there are basically two camps on this: Option A) tough it out, let him cry his way through it because it will be good for him in the long run, or Option B) Listen to your gut (and his tears) - he's just a baby and he doesn't need to be toughened up just yet.

As with sleep training, breast feeding, and now with daycare, as a mum I have to decide whether it is better (and time) to push my child to fit into an arrangement that is convenient for me, or to create a situation that matches his needs.

I'm lucky that I'm in a position where I can make a choice, but I'm going back and forth on which choice to make. Growing up is really hard.


  1. This totally sucks. I'm going through something similar but on a much smaller scale - leaving him in the church nursery. So far it has been a big, fat FAIL. The old church bitties think I'm too soft because I won't let him cry for over an hour. But what's the point? I don't HAVE to leave him. We can do it at a pace that works for him.
    Good luck with your choice. You know what's best, Mama!

  2. Aww, my heart totally goes out to you guys. This is a tough decision for your family and I definitely don't envy you.

    I don't really get the "no morning nap" thing with daycares. Especially at this age. Despite the rumours that kids drop their morning nap around one year, every kid I know around Kale and Ollie's age still prefers to take two naps a day. How hard is it to have "quiet time" for half an hour so the kids who need it can catch a nap?!

    I don't know what I'd do in your position. Maybe give yourselves a deadline? If things haven't changed in another week or two then pull him out? Will they let you stay with him at all so he gets more comfortable in the space?

    Best of luck. You'll make the right decision.

  3. Thanks you guys, I really need the support. I probably should be taking a wait and see approach, but I tend to take immediate action (some might call me rash), and I interviewed a really fantastic nanny tonight after posting an ad on craigslist last night. Now the lure of greater flexibility, less money, and Ollie sleeping in his own bed is really calling to me..


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