Sunday, August 21, 2011

Tomorrow: Ollie's first First Day!

After a perfectly relaxing weekend of "back to school" shopping with one of my besties and an overnight visit from former-Nanny Jayne and her sweet new baby Sebastian, I've got a slightly stressful Monday ahead..

...tomorrow Ollie is heading off for his first morning of daycare!

Chris and Ollie have been rambling around the city barefoot and covered in mud since school let out, and Jayne began her mat leave. I've been doing my best to get work done while trying not to be distracted by them having the time of their lives, and taking the opportunity to join in whenever I could.

The only downside to a summer of Father-Son time is that it coincided with Ollie and Harry parting ways. Harry got in to a daycare that suited his family better than a part-time Nanny arrangement and has been enjoying himself there ever since.

As the new school year approached, we started thinking about our options for childcare again. A Nanny just for us seemed out of the (financial) question, and we really wanted Ollie to have the chance to socialize with other kids.

Another Nanny share might have been ideal, but taking the time to find a family with needs that aligned with ours seemed like a lot of work, and managing that kind of relationship is pretty delicate.

We had Ollie on the list for a part time spot in a number of really nice daycares in our neighbourhood, but a few weeks ago it became apparent that a space was unlikely to become available. In a desperate panic, I decided to call the daycare Harry goes to (which only does full time spaces), and find out if they might have a space open for a non-wait list kid, in September.

Amazingly, and strangely, a space was available, and even though we hadn't put Ollie on a list or gone in for a tour or anything, we got the spot.

It isn't perfect. We'll be paying for a full time space, but only dropping him off three days a week. But it is a nice daycare in a local school that serves good food, has nice seeming teachers, and best of all, has Harry to play with.. all day long!!

Of course, after the privilege of spending a few days with a tiny baby this weekend, I'm feel a lot of nostalgia for my tiny little Oliver, and a heaping helping of nervous excitement for the little boy he's becoming.

I know that Ollie is going to do fine in daycare. He's one of the most social toddlers I've ever met, and he loves meeting new kids and running wild with them. He's flexible and funny and adaptable, and he's going to love it, actually.

So it's me that is going to have trouble. I'm worried he'll be sad when we drop him off, I'm worried that I'll miss him all day, I'm worried that he'll miss me. I'm worried that he'll pick up bad habits, or grow up too fast. I'm worried (this is a big one) that he'll be uncomfortable having to wear shoes all day. I'm pretty much just worried. But that's pretty much normal for me, so I'll probably survive....

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