Tuesday, August 2, 2011

If you haven't been studying Ollie's face since the day he was born, you might not notice but it has changed since the beginning of the weekend. Ollie's sweet little baby teeth got broken in a tumble on a step that he's been navigating up and down for months now. One little slip and bang, and they're all broken up.

He had his first trip to the dentist today to get them smoothed out (according to the dentist, more for me than for him - it's been like nursing a vampire!), and although I was in mental hysterics, I held it together and the whole thing was pretty simple and easy, as it turned out. His teeth don't look the way they did when they came in, but they don't look too bad.

I'm full of mummy guilt and dread for the next time, because as I keep being reminded, there WILL be a next time.

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