Monday, August 29, 2011

Case of the Mondays: Random links

Ollie supports my new habit by sitting near me, instead of on me when I collapse after a run.

I'm not as energized by the new week as I was hoping, and I'm finding it a little too easy to get distracted by the world wide web. Here's what's stealing my attention away from work this afternoon:

  • I'm training for a half marathon, but would I be running seriously if I were pregnant again? Seems crazy to me.. but crazy-amazing! (EDIT: My SIL believes this was misleading.. I am NOT, repeat, NOT, pregnant again.. I just think ladies who run while pregnant are sort of incredible/frightening)
  • We were late getting home from the cottage last night, and we've got nothing in the fridge, so I'm making this simple looking Indian Veggie Fried Rice for dinner tonight, out of things I've got handy in the fridge. I'm adding some farm-fresh corn and scrambled eggs to round it out and insert some protein. As I mentioned on Twitter, basically everything I have cooked for the last two weeks has been a Weelicious recipe. And I'm not embarrassed to admit it.
  • After owning up to letting Ollie watch TV, I just came across this informative and non-condemnatory article about TV for toddlers.

  • Cup of Jo has a top ten bedtime stories list, as chosen by her sweet little son.  One of the commenters mentioned her child's love of Oh David, and I have to second that. Ollie's current book obsession is Oops, from the same series - I think he loves it because he can "read" along.
  • I'm (pleasantly) surprised that Ollie's been able to nap at daycare, on a little cot, surrounded by other kids. And so of course, I'm starting to think forward to my little monkey getting out of the crib and into a big boy bed. This KidKraft cot is soo cute,  but is it silly to go to a cot, when he'll have to upgrade to a full sized bed eventually anyway?
  • And.. I'm looking for a cute, gender neutral (not pink) doll house for Oliver, he's totally into playing with little figures, and mini furniture, whenever he can get his hands on it. The drop in centre by our house has a little people play house that he's totally obsessed with, and if I can convince Chris that it's OK to buy toys outside of special occasions, I'm hoping to find one for home that he loves just as much. But I'd rather not go plastic, and when you search dollhouses on good old ToysRUs you just get a vomit of pink and purple across the page. Any mums got any recommendation?

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