Thursday, July 28, 2011

Summertime Blues

I've been in a summertime funk for the last couple of weeks, and its hurting my productivity on my blog, around the house, and in my social life in a major way.

At some point over the last few weeks I came across some headline about seasonal affective disorder in the summertime and thought, "yeah, that makes sense". I know that probably the majority of Canadians savor every lazy, hazy, crazy day of summer, but I'm not in that camp. Sure there are things about summer that I love: dresses, fruit, canoeing, swimming, camping.. lots of things really. But (especially this year) I find that the stifling heat really chokes the joy out of most of my days.

Like most in my family, I'm not built for warm climates. I'm perfectly suited to a damp, dark, chilly northern habitat. I like a moody fog and a nip in the air. And I burn, sweat and wilt in the summer sun. Ollie seems to be faring much better, likely thanks to the addition of his father's sun loving, golden-tanning, heat seeking genes. On most days, I find myself desperately placed in front of a fan, curtains drawn, working away in denial of the summer while Ollie and Chris are out reveling in the Chris' vacation, and the "glorious" sunshine. And it makes me a little jealous, and a little grouchy. When dinner time rolls around, my summer tummy has no interest in anything beyond some ice and strawberries, and I'm certainly not tempted to spend any time with the stove.

I know a lot of people are really struggling in this extra hot season, and I don't want to whine on and on, so I'll focus on the positive... today it rained! Miserable, frizzy drizzle, all. day. long. There was a damp breeze and at one point I thought I felt a slight chill. I turned my shower nozzle slightly in the direction of hot water. 

My poor Ollie was having a bad day (teeth, what else?!), but since I was energized by the gloom, I was able to spring into action. I prepared a little feast for a sad boy; cheesy orzo pasta, followed by homemade banana strawberry "ice cream". We snuggled on the couch to the first twenty minutes of Up, while munching on fresh from the oven, honey roasted chickpeas, and I tucked him in to bed a little early and headed downstairs to try and get back to my little blog.

There are more hot days ahead, but the little energy boost the heat-break gave me today has me feeling like I might be able to handle them... and gave me hope that winter is on its way!! ;)

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