Monday, June 27, 2011

Sleep scheduling?

It has been a long time since sleep has been a noteworthy topic for my blog, and I feel so lucky for that. A quick visit with our friends Dan and Crystal, and their big, happy four month old brought to mind the time I felt so frustrated over sleep that I actually thought there might be something wrong with Ollie, as well as the point at which I decided it was best to just give up on worrying about sleep altogether.

It turns out that just letting go of sleep woes was the best thing for me and Ollie because I can't recall the exact month, but sometime around maybe nine months, he started sleeping through the night and napping in the day, just like a normal baby! And he did it all on his own, it just happened - no sleep training, no crying it out, no books, no nothing. Now, at 16 months, we are more or less sure of getting a full 10 hours of sleep and two naps a day. For this, we should be grateful. And we are, except...

...The ten  hours of sleep happens from about 7:30 to 5 a.m., and the naps happen from about 7:30 - 9:30 am and then 4:30-6 pm. I'm sure loads of other mommies are thinking "sweet!" but this mama likes to work in the night and sleep in the morning, so our early wake up call and false-start morning is less than ideal, and the dinner time meltdown that signifies the need for a nap is not so hot either.

With Ollie closing in on 18 months, the age when daycares determine that one nap a day, from 12-3 is most appropriate, I'm considering taking on what I had previously decided was impossible - sleep scheduling! I've got a theory that if I keep Ollie awake (with happy, fun, pleasant distractions), through his early morning nap time, and then put him down after lunch every day for a week, he might re-set his little internal clock and start allowing for some sleepy summer mornings for me.

Sure to end in failure? Or totally practical approach to toddler "sleep training"?

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  1. We are pretty much in the exact same boat (minus the whole sleeping through the night thing). Kale wakes every morning at 5am and it's just brutal. Kris normally gets up and walks around the block with him and he falls back asleep until 6:30-7am - but who wants to do that every morning (not Kris and definitely not me!)?? But - if we get up with him at 5am, he's ready for a nap at 7 or 8am, which means he falls asleep with me and wakes up with the nanny (a recipe for disaster). Also, he's starting montessori in September and they don't do morning naps. The past two days he didn't take a morning nap and he ended up taking a long afternoon nap and it didn't affect his nighttime sleep at all. Yet, between Kris and I, the nanny and my MIL - we all have different routines which affect his sleep schedule. It's seriously overwhelming to think of it all. Like you, I've let go of worrying about sleep but as September creeps closer, I realize we might have to work toward a more consistent schedule.

    Clearly, this is the longest comment ever and entirely not helpful. BUT - just wanted to let you know that you're not alone (and if you figure it all out - LET ME KNOW!!!).


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