Friday, June 3, 2011

Home Sick

Last night we tucked Ollie in around 7:30 and I set off for a run, while Chris relaxed in the back yard. When I got home from my run and was about to step in the shower, he cried out. And then he screamed. My heart sank, I knew what was wrong.

There's a virulent stomach bug ripping though the toddlers in our lives, and Ollie's time had come. When I went into his room, his crib was full of vomit, and his little face was full of terror. For four hours, I held Ollie as he slept and vomited in ten minute increments. I held him in a warm bath, and in his room, and finally in our bed (covered in plastic sheets). When the fits of vomiting got further and further apart we started to drift off together, and finally fell asleep.

This morning we woke up, all three of us together in our bed, with receiving blankets, cloth diapers and clothes strewn all around the room. It looked just like it did when we had a newborn.

Oliver seemed to be feeling a little better, there was no vomiting, but also not much eating, and a whole lot of napping. He just wasn't himself. It was so heartbreaking to see him trying so hard to be his normal, happy self, but being held back by his sore tummy. But as I'm learning that so many things are as a mother, it was bittersweet. I would do anything to save him from feeling as awful as he did, but in the moment I also savored my chances to cuddle him close and just try to give him all the love he needs to feel good again.

As a bonus for everyone, Chris stayed home from work to help with the mountains of laundry and deficit of sleep. We all got to play in the sandbox most of the day, and eat watermelon on the deck for every meal, and Chris got a little taste of what his summer will look like, staying home with Ollie.

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