Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Home made father's day gifts for the (very) beginner crafter

I had really good intentions for Father's Day, planning months ahead to make a cute little photobook or photo calendar for Chris. Unfortunately planning and doing aren't the same thing and here I am, with four days to go and no gift to give.

Lucky for me, my husband isn't much for material things, so there's no need to scramble for a tie/golf club/electronic gadget, because I know what he'd really love is a handmade present. Getting a fifteen month old to make something is hard though, his tiny hands might be perfect for fine stitching, but his discipline and fine motor skills are just pathetic. I've been scouring the net looking for crafts he CAN do, and I've come up with a few cute options. Maybe there's a mostly talentless little cutie at your house who could use some tips too..

Obviously Martha Stewart is the go to on something like this. Most of her craft suggestions were of the tie-card variety (a seriously ubiquitous father's day suggestion). But this project seems totally possible for a pre-toddler:

Personalized Notepad

I'm thinking little handprints on each side of the cube would be so cute... rather then letting Ollie have a go with a marker.

Creative cut outs

Just framing a plain old finger painting is totally an option, but have a look at this great idea for making abstract art into something a little more recognizable. The animal shapes are probably best suited to a child's room, but for Dad's desk, golf clubs, a mounted fish, sailboat, or of course, a mounted tie, would all be sweet and simple.

Major work of art

Ollie isn't quite here yet, but this amazing use of an originally hideous piece of canvas art is really inspiring. As soon as he's become a more masterful finger painter, I'll be out combing thrift shops for something to fill our bare walls.

A-frame Tent

the A-frame tent tutorialNot really a gift for Dad, per se especially if he's the drill master in your house. But in my house, where I'm the more handy half, putting together a sweet little fort for Ollie and Chris to hide out together in the garden while I bring them popsicles and snacks might be a perfect gift for an afternoon together.

I'm not going to say which one of these projects we'll be taking on this afternoon on the unlikely chance that Chris reads this before his special day, but once he's been presented with his gift, I'm sure we'll be sharing it online. How about you, any good gift ideas from your little munchkins?

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  1. Thank you for sharing these ideas! I seemed to have 100 ideas a month ago and now I'm down to .... zero. We're going to test the finger painting skills tomorrow.


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