Friday, June 17, 2011

The first three days of the first 30 days of the rest of my life

I'm really quickly regretting my "no photos" plan for the 30 for 30. Maybe it is because I'm a talentless hack, or maybe it is because I just had arguably the worst day of the last two years of my life (and that counts the norwalk, cold and shingles virus onslaught that we have been experiencing for the past month), but Polyvore is just an exhausting way to put together outfits, and they don't come out looking very good either.

And with that thrilling start, here's my first three days worth of 30 for 30 outfits!

Day 1

I know - jeans, t-shirt and sweater, sort of cutting edge for a work at home mum, right? What can I say, I'm a fashion pioneer. But actually, I love this outfit (which I wear all the time) because the Gap tee is super flattering (tight in the top, loose in the bottom if-you-know-what-I-mean), and the Megan Neilsen cardigan is so pretty and a bit unusual.

The enormous Banana Republic Market Tote is just plain practical, as it is big enough to toss Ollie in and head out to add groceries and library books too. If you're a mum to be, I'd hold off on the stroller purchase for a while and just pick up one of these pretty babies instead.

Day 2

Because of my superior Polyvore skills, the perspective on this outfit is pretty messed up, so you can't really tell that this is a t-shirt tucked in to a scandalously short mini skirt. I love a summer mini, particularly for squatting to pick up my son, and riding my bike around town.

Actually, I really don't care, I just throw on some granny undies and let the world stare. I assume they are just jealous of my beeee-you-tee-ful Verabel locket.

Day 3

Variation on jeans and a t-shirt. Your head just exploded, right? This is already too exciting.

You'll notice on my feet (or in the space where my feet would usually be), I have some patterned TOMS. I went for a crazy pattern because I figured if I was going to wear shoes that looked like mummy bandages I might as well really get wild. But I didn't appreciate when I wore them into a fancy shoe shop the other day and the sales guy said "Oh, I like your 'wacky' shoes" in a tone that was less than sincere.

Day 4

As I mentioned, today was a no-good-very-bad day, and so I didn't get dressed. Not even in pajamas. But I'll do better tomorrow and in a week you'll have a ho-hum collage to prove it! Or maybe I'll try and take a picture of myself where I don't look so uncomfortable I want to die.

Until then, back to cute shots of Ollie, who is never uncomfortable in front of a camera because as far as he knows, it is a part of his mother's face.

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