Monday, June 13, 2011

30 for 30: Or how to avoid mum frump

It is a magical time of year... Kendi has declared the start of her summer 30 for 30! If you don't know what this is, head over here to read all about it. If you do know what it is, I hope you're participating, and I hope you'll leave a link in my comments.

So far this blog has been almost strictly baby-mommy related, and this little venture will veer off that course a little. I've been wanting to get away from constant photos of the cutest baby ever and work a little harder at coming up with some thoughtful content. This endeavor won't be that either. But it will be a fun little project for me, moderately interesting to you, and a good kick in the ass to get in the habit of posting more consistently.

I've played along with the 30 for 30 before, on a no longer living Tumblr that solely existed to house awkward photos of myself. Besides reinforcing my intense discomfort with having my picture taken, participating in this challenge in the past taught me a few great lessons:

I have more than I think I do and I don't need most of it.
My wardrobe is overflowing, but mostly with items that I almost never wear. I'm a work at home/stay at home mum living in an awfully fashionable city, and that creates a lot of fashion angst which I tend to remedy with shopping. Unfortunately, I'm usually shopping for things that suit someone who leaves their house daily for somewhere other than the park and the coffee shop and so when my purchases are lined up against my agenda, the two don't match. Whittling your wardrobe down to 30 items really drives home the fact that most people don't need a runway's worth of all the latest trends to get through a month.

No one cares what I'm wearing
When I first tried the 30 for 30 I was worried about coming up with creative outfit combos that would ensure I didn't cause outfit fatigue among my friends and family. Typical narcissist. I'm sure you can imagine how many people notice my outfits repeating over the course of a month. Exactly none. Which was extremely liberating. Once you realize that no one in your real life really gives a crap about how you are dressed you are both free to make questionable choices, and free to not give it a second thought.

Except my husband
BUT, every time I have done the 30 for 30 I've had nothing but glowing reviews from Chris. Most of them are on the same theme "I love the effort you are putting into getting dressed". Listen, the notion that my husband wants me made up and dressed up when he arrives home at the end of the day makes me violently ill, but I'm also really aware of the dangers of not having to make an effort on your appearance - not only to your relationship, but to your own self esteem and general mood. So the 30 for 30 really helps me to combat the dreaded mommy frump.

Kendi loosened up "the rules" a bit for this round, and so I'm making a few modifications of my own:

  1. I am going to pick 30 items and stick with them for all 30 days, but as of tonight, I've only got 22 selected, so there will likely be game-time additions. 
  2. I'm not going to torture myself (or you) with awkward daily self-timed photos. That element alone killed my resolve on both of my last two attempts. If I happen to get in a shot with Ollie through the week, that's excellent, and that will get posted. Otherwise, on Fridays I'll post collages of my outfits as I try and hone my Polyvore skills. 
  3. The no shopping rule is being STRICTLY enforced. I've got a few online purchases on the way to my house right now, but after they get here there will be nothing new crossing the threshold (for me). We've got upcoming belt tightening and I've been on a bit of a shopping tear, so this is the perfect time to scale waay back!
And with that essay on what basically amounts to talking about dressing myself, I present to you the only clothes I will be wearing for the next 30 days. 

And yes, that is a pair of PJs in the bottom right corner, I've got to be realistic here!


  1. I love that you're being realistic! You have a lot of neutrals, too. I am really excited to see that denim blue dress!

  2. I was worried about al the neutrals after I put it all together, but at least they are versatile. I will try to take a real photo of the dress when I wear it, despite my discomfort with the whole picture taking thing.


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