Sunday, April 24, 2011

Weekend in review

To celebrate Easter we packed up and headed to my parents' place in the country for a full family gathering. When we all get together, there are over twenty of us. Since Ollie came along, that pretty much means that Ollie has an audience of about twenty adoring fans.

The forecast for the weekend was rain, after a week of rain, so when, after finishing a truly delicious meal, my mum reported that she'd been outside to grab something and it was beautiful out, everyone ran outside to get a crack at whatever small spring pleasures we could.
The boys headed straight for the trout stream to teach Ollie an important childhood pass-time, throwing rocks in the stream.

Ollie got loads of attention from his great aunties, uncles, cousins and Grandy.

And Ollie got an excellent Easter gift from his Grandy and Gramps... a sandbox! Without any sand in it yet, he liked to use it for lounging.

When we got home, we switched from Easter to Earth Day and did some gardening. By the time we were finished, Ollie was so tired he could barely keep himself upright at the dinner table.

But he made it through his lentils, feeding himself with his own spoon, like a big boy.

All in all, it was a great weekend, made incredible by the (finally) beautiful weather. Unfortunately, I just checked the forecast and it's rain as far as the eye can see. Good for my garden, bad for my mood. Here's hoping that the sun wins the week, and that your Easter was wonderful. 

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