Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Etsy Easter Window Shopping

Because she loves us extra, my mum always fills our easter baskets not only with candy, but with a few t-shirts or toys each year. The little gifts always feel like a spring bonus, so of course, I'll do the same for Ollie.

Of course, it only just dawned on me that Easter is this weekend, so I'll be scrambling to find something special from the shops around my house. If I were a more organized mum, here's what would be filling his basket:

A Hug Me Slug from Elizabeth Ruffing. I'm a sucker for bugs, slugs, dinosaurs and monsters, and I think Ollie would love to have one of these silly little goggly-eyed creatures to hug and tumble with.

This cute, classic newsboy cap from Babycapes. Ollie actually loves to wear a hat (he thinks it is funny), and of course, he looks super cute in one too. Some days when we're out and about full sun protection isn't necessary, but a cute option for keeping the sun out of his eyes is just the thing!

This super cute dino etch-a-sketch t-shirt (RockRiverTees), combining my love of dinosaurs with my love of childlike drawings. And to appeal to Ollie - a regular t-shirt instead of a onesie style. His favorite (and mine) because it means he doesn't have to lie down for me to dress him!
If you're celebrating Easter, have you come across any great finds to tuck into your loved one's baskets? 

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