Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Nurturing a different kind of little bean

While we were away in Florida, I hatched a post-vacation plan that I am super excited about. I am always domestically inspired when I blog-surf around places likeSimplemomPink of Perfection and The New Me, and I'm extra open to project suggestions while on vacation, because I like having something to look forward to when I get home, and those two factors led me to begin creating a master plan for something I'm hoping will provide fun for me and Ollie, and food for our whole family of three.

Our home was sold to us with the feature of a "two car  parking space" in our back laneway. In reality (given the way my husband and I park), it is a one car space with loads of waste on either side. As I read through articles about container and raised bed gardening in the city, I had a bolt of brilliance - that wasted space at the end of our yard is PERFECT for a garden. Hot, sunny, and completely useless as is, by the end of next week (hopefully) I'll have created two 4x5 beds ready to bear fruits and veg. my friends and family (and realistically, a few raccoons).

The first step though, is getting some plants started indoors, to try and get a jump on production. Our last frost date is only five weeks away, so I'm cutting it a little close on this decision, but I'm hoping our nice big windows and overactive and poorly vented basement furnace will help us out with getting our little guys going.

In 4-6 weeks I'm hoping that these little egg cartons of dirt will have transformed into little egg cartons of seedlings, and a few weeks after that I'm hoping those seedlings will have transformed into tasty veggie bearing plants!

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