Monday, January 31, 2011

Table Manners

***Please excuse the Christmas decoration in the background. I swear it is the only one still kicking around at the end of January.. and it is only because it is alive!**

Since Ollie started eating mostly finger foods a few months ago, I've been feeding him with a technique that is most akin to feeding time at the zoo - tossing appropriately sized pieces of food to him so he can snatch them off the table one at a time and stuff them in his mouth.

Partially this was a chocking prevention strategy - up until very recently he'd just stuff every single item of food available into his mouth until he couldn't close it to chew because it was so stuffed, and partially this was due to a lack of appropriate baby dishes. We have a few sweet little sets for him, but they are either ceramic, and therefore breakable, or light weight plastic, and therefore flingable.

A few friends and family who have shared dinner with us in the last few days commented on his messy and potentially table destroying technique ("You just put the food right on the table like that?!"), so on Saturday I trudged over to Babies R Us and picked up a Kiddopotamus placemat, and a Boon stay-put plate. Grudgingly, because as with all other things designed for a niche purpose, I assumed they wouldn't be much use.

But what do you know, these babies stay put on the table through the whole dinner production. Ollie seems really pleased with being presented a wide array of foods to chose from, and has somehow developed the self control necessary to keep from shoveling it all in at once (I wish he could teach me that w.r.t: chips). Plus, it is super cute to see him sitting in front of a proper place setting.. like a little person!

He's pretty into holding his own spoon these days, so with this success under my belt I'm wondering about picking up the Boon bowl too. I'm not keen on totally filling my cupboards with plastic dishes, but I am keen on the idea of the little mister spooning up his own oatmeal while I enjoy mine. Any mamas out there have any success with this?

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