Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sweet Sunday

We earned a nice relaxing Sunday this weekend, after taking part in a wild all night party last night.

Well, we took part in a lovely, end-at-midnight dinner party last night at a friend's house in a suburb of Toronto. Oliver threw an all night party for one once we came up to the guest room to join him for bed. I'll spare you the crazy (CRAZY!) details and just skip to the end - which saw us driving home at three a.m. with a wide awake little boy in the back seat.. feeling more than just a little like bad parents.

Luckily when God closes a sleepover, he opens a sleep-in...or whatever. Ollie slept til 9 a.m. and so did Chris and I, waking up to a day with no plans or goals or to do's at all. We made the most of it, lounging around the living room sipping coffee while Oliver practiced his pulling up skills..

Then I dressed Ollie, while Chris dressed himself and wouldn't you know it, they ended up in matching shirts.

But neither of them wanted to change, so we headed out to play in the snow. Luckily Oliver's craaaazy neon snowsuit hid the evidence of plaid twinning. (warning, shots get grainy at this point).

We took Ollie to the swings and I had one of those paranoid mommy moments, worrying that he'd get the idea in his head to try and chew on the swing chain and get frozen to it due to the copious amount of drooling going on.

To warm up we ducked into a local bar to enjoy a bowl of chile and an oatmeal stout (probably good for milk production) while Ollie people watched and munched on some tasty herbed bread.

We got home right on time for a little dessert, bath and bedtime. Now Chris is out playing shinny hockey at our neighbourhood rink, and I'm indulging in a little blogging, a little yoga and maybe even a bubble bath.

Hope your Sunday was just as sweet!

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