Monday, September 6, 2010

Baby Proofing Project #1: Coffee Table

Around a third of the way through my pregnancy our whole house started to look like a death trap for babies, and I started mentally making a list of things that needed to be fixed/altered/removed to make sure that our child-to-be didn't end up with splinters/stitches/stubbed toes. How many of these projects were completed before Oliver arrived in our lives? Zero.

Now that Ollie is here and learning and growing (he sat on his own all weekend at my parents' place, crawling is imminent), I must scramble to get started on these projects. So this weekend, with the help of my mum I tackled the first on my list. Replacing the wooden and be-cornered coffee table with an upholstered ottoman. It is basically a tradition in my family for children to crack their heads open on the edge of a coffee table and although I want Oliver to feel as close to my extended family as I do, I don't think he needs stitches and a goose egg to get there.

I was planning to get an Ikea Ektorp ottoman, but at $149 for just the base without a cover and no covers that work for our living room it seemed a little out of the price range. Happily, lady luck was smiling on me, or whatever she does, as one morning I went for coffee with my good friend Mel and found a perfectly good Ektorp ottoman abandoned on the side of my street. After examining it for bed bugs I brought it home.

My mum, a diversely talented nurse/seamstress/chef, had covered one of these for her own family room so she offered to help me sew a custom cover. I picked fabric from a local shop that my husband and my mum agreed looked like pond scum, but I thought was pretty and went with the living room.

This weekend thanks to the rain and my husband's long weekend bachelor party plans I was able to spend enough time at my mum and dad's place to get to work on recovering the ottoman. I'd say I did about fifty percent of the sewing and pinning and measuring, and the end result is pretty decent, not to mention baby safe!

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