Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The proverbial shit happened

This morning when heading to our usual morning haunt (the YMCA), I packed for Ollie two diaper liners, wipes and a wet bag for storing any dirty diapers. Didn't need a spare outfit or spare diaper wrap because he'd already pooped that morning, thereby guaranteeing that he wouldn't cause any damage until at least the evening.

But I forgot about carrots!

Yeah, carrots for lunch for the first time yesterday = mummy standing at the changing counter at the Y day care trying to find a way to simultaneously hose out a filthy diaper wrap, wash a onesie and hold down a squirming baby who's new passion is sticking his hands into the messy diaper area.

Thankfully Shirley the Great (the daycare teacher) offered a fresh disposable diaper from the closet they keep stocked full of stuff to donate to incompetant mothers. The onsie wasn't that dirty, so Ollie stayed to play and I stayed to run, feeling more than just a little like an idiot.

Lesson re-learned, always leave the house with more stuff than you think you need!

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