Monday, August 30, 2010

My poor, neglected fur baby

This is Maurice LeChat.

Before Ollie was born he was top dog in our house (so to speak). Mo was the most spoiled cat on the block, enjoying basically total control of the house and my full attention and affection. Seriously. Mo dictated that our bedtime would be 11 pm, and would wait at the end of our bed every night, getting irritated if we dallied. He took up all the room on my side, so I had to keep my legs scrunched up uncomfortably (even during pregnancy), and by morning, he'd be spooning with me with his head in the crook of my arm. You guys, I even once cried over my fear that I might not love the baby as much as I loved him.

Of course, once Oliver actually came into my life, Mo was taken down a peg or ten. Instead of the coveted end of bed spot, he was banished to the hall outside of the bedroom as he was not to be trusted in the same room as Ollie. Now that Oliver is in his own room, Mo has bed privileges back, but he knows he's not as beloved - he doesn't get the snuggles, in fact, he gets pushed away when he tries to cuddle, since I'm already fatigued from one little being using my body as his personal pillow/jungle gym.

Last night was a major low point in our lives with Mo though. He's allowed outside these days, as a concession to the fact that his life got a little worse when Ollie came along, but not at night. However, getting home late from a cottage weekend with Oliver sleeping, I watched him slip out the door as I slipped in and just let it happen. He spent the whole night outside! I was wracked with guilt, worrying about raccoons, other cats and his inevitable loneliness. This morning my husband found him sleeping on our neighbours porch - even though we have comfy chairs on ours!

So tonight I am feeling awful about the negligent cat-mommy I have become. I'm giving him some extra treats, swearing a vow to snuggle him at least once a day, and tonight I might try and wrestle him into a spoon position.

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