Saturday, August 7, 2010

Making my own baby food

I just spent two hours cooking up a baby food fury, and the results are delicious! Baked sweet potato and apple puree; peach and butternut squash; blueberry, mango and banana; green beans; baked peaches; and my personal favorite, sweet potato and coconut milk! I am pretty proud of my efforts and I would have taken pictures but my camera is in the attic and I'm on the main floor and three flights of stairs are three flights too many for this tired mama.

Since Ollie started eating solids I have made every single thing he's taken in, with two exceptions. When he had a bit of tummy trouble, I bought rather than prepared, prunes (which worked nicely, as I'm sure you were wondering). And once, when he was having a super fussy day, I picked up a package of organic Baby Mum Mums from my local organic grocer. A questionable choice.

He loved the little dissolving biscuits, of course, and they kept him happy through my errands, but when I had a look at the ingredient listing I discovered why. The second ingredient, after rice?... Sugar! At six months old, just to save myself the trouble of dealing with a fussy baby I made a mistake that is sure to cause me to have a hyperactive junk-fiend on my hands.

I felt a little guilt but watching him feed himself the little cookies was so cute and he seemed so happy with himself that I couldn't be that upset.

Lucky for me, tonight as I was checking out Weelicious for tasty puree recipes I came across a great idea. Dehydrated fruit teething snacks! A friend gave me a food dehydrator as a wedding gift/in-joke, and I am ashamed to say that I have yet to use it. I am super excited to break it out tomorrow and make some tasty snacks for my little teething monster.

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