Monday, August 2, 2010

First Food!

I had always planned on waiting until Oliver was six months old to introduce anything other than breast milk. That is the recommendation of the WHO, the Canadian Pediatric Association, and my former employer, the RNAO (although not the recommendation of our insane pediatrician, who recommended I start Ollie on meat at four months).

Besides my total faith that breast milk is the best possible food for my little guy - reinforced by the fact that he's tripled his birth weight in less than six months, I love the convenience of breastfeeding and was in no hurry to add cooking, cleaning and itting down for meals to my daily routine. But last week, at five and a half months, I started to get the feeling that Oliver was demanding food.

He still loves his milk and has even started to make a rather adorable "mum" sound while swiping at my shirt with an open mouth, but somewhere around Tuesday he began to get more than jut a little irritated when eat mouthful of my meal went into my mouth instead of his. By Thursday we were starting to get into what I really felt was temper tantrum territory, as he freaked out every time I sat down for a meal and didn't offer him any.

Enter pears...

After doing some research and talking to my naturopath I had decided that Ollie's first foods would be fruits and veggies, rather than cereals. Although it is a common first food, cereal has very little actual nutritional value, is all carbs just like breast milk, and tends to be constipating. On Thursday afternoon I went to my local farmers' market and picked up some fresh Ontario pears, and on Friday evening I peeled, boiled and pureed them. The puree went into the ice cube tray for individual portion sizes, and on Friday morning it went into Oliver's mouth!

His first impressions were, as one of my friends would say, neutral to positive, but as the weekend went on he got more and more enthusiastic about pears and I have a feeling he's going to love carrots at lunchtime tomorrow.

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