Thursday, July 15, 2010

Things I like on Thursday...

I'm behind on cleaning, sleeping and most everything else, so this post shall be presented as a list of things I'm liking this Thursday:

    When Ollie was about three months old, he and I dropped in to our local YMCA to check out their membership benefits, one of which is child-minding. For $4 an hour Ollie gets to play with other kids (well, watch them play for the time being) and is cared for by warm, loving ladies while I get a workout, shower and the time to put on makeup and do my hair. Emphasis on the shower and makeup part. The guarantee that I'll get time for this is priceless!

I was always sure we'd use cloth diapers in our home (and I'll probably post later on why that is), but we originally started out with a diaper service. It was great, for $17 a week we got 70 fresh diapers delivered to our doorstep and the dirty ones picked up. With summer upon us though, and my husband a teacher, I was looking for an even more economical option and decided that I was up to the challenge of washing my own cloth diapers. I did a lot of research and decided on Flip, they are cute, totally adjustable (good for babies from 5-35 pounds), easy to use and easy to wash. I'll probably try a few other brands over the next couple of years, but for now I'm loving my Flips!
  I love having little projects to work on while Ollie naps - IF Ollie naps, and my latest obsession is making my own household cleaners. I love the idea that the stuff I'm using to keep the house clean isn't going to be hard on Ollie's skin, or lungs, or world. I've found and tested lots of great recipes including an all-purpose cleaner that is great in the tub, on the floor or pretty much anywhere, laundry soap that is easy on Ollie's diapers and clothes, and a not-so-great dishwashing detergent that was worth a shot but didn't quite cut it. I'll be looking for more of these alternative cleaning options and blogging about what I find useful in the future.

And finally, one thing I'm NOT liking this Thursday:

  I'll admit, I love me a good, wholesome family drama. Seventh Heaven scratched my so-bad-its-good itch like nothing else, so I was pumped about this new show from the same producer. Sadly it falls more into the so-bad-its-bad camp. I can't believe anyone is actually watching this, and I really can't believe that I'm totally caught up on every episode. The dialogue is ridiculous, the actors are astonishingly bad and the whole plot can be summed up as follows: Teenagers have sex, teenagers talk about if they should have sex, teenagers think they are pregnant from the sex, teenagers almost unfailingly DO get pregnant as a result of that sex. The population of my home town would be six times what it is if as many kids get pregnant as a result of teenage sex as this show would have you believe.  This week's episode was especially terrible, and also cowardly, as the show backed off of taking the chance to portray a teenager choosing an abortion and being OK with it, and instead went for the typical, 11th hour conversion that will allow for yet another teen mom for the show to focus on. Brutal!

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